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New Moon Predictions for April 5 2019

April 16, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: The fact that the rules don’t apply to everyone or every situation will come to your attention. It could even represent a turning point in your life. As you or others will become more aware of the fact that some people have faulty perceptions of what is going on. This is a time when you or others can be very focused on your work and or goals. There could be some attention paid to a web-site or the web in particular sites that can lead to tears. Early mornings are featured as well as being scattered and torn in some cases related to issues concerning the physical body.

TAURUS: Things will tend to be very unpredictable and that at times will include you but this unpredictability can make it tough to resolve issues or problems this month. Predictions related to health matters could be more complicated and these issues can also affect your ability or the ability of others to be more productive. It takes strategy and planning to deal with difficult matters. It will also be important to keep boundaries particularly with those closest to you. Being logical is the first step in determining credibility.

GEMINI: Odd couples will come to your attention this month. Someone could be putting a great deal of energy into being an athlete. But this is also a reminder that anger can often lead to bullying. Matters related to work or goals does not seem to be going well right now. Interruptions and disruptions can dominate and solutions that are exciting to some will be the reason to complain for others. With so much going on it will be better for those who can put themselves first. Pressure will often be what is to blame, particularly related to situations where one is vulnerable or humbled.

CANCER: No matter how hard you work at something no matter how much you focus your energy, it just feels like a little too little and a little to late. It will be important to be conscious of what is going on this month. Situations where there is a fine line between serving and enabling will also come to your attention. There can be many contacts and connections made right now as timing is good for you. Along with these new contacts and connections you will be more compassionate for those whose behavior might be out of control as the result of alcohol or drug abuse.

LEO: Speaking out is tough this month. Situations are such that people and that includes you deal with making oneself vulnerable to humiliation. Pay attention to your gut this month (literally and figuratively.) Awareness of just what it is that excites people and gives them the will to live comes to your attention. The memories and what one recalls will lead to pondering/wondering. Things worked out so differently then you predicted in many situations. Doing things in pieces can be an option, as it also makes people more aware of siblings and sibling issues.

VIRGO: Sometimes it is tough to take the plunge because there is so much missing or unknown information. Pay attention to your dreams, there are messages. Not only are there messages from your dreams but messages in general are highlighted this month. Health matters and issues related to the body could feel like just rewards. Just rewards in general could be something that comes to your attention whether for good or not so good. Much of what is going on can feel so difficult and often it will be more then one situation that makes it even more difficult.

LIBRA: Memories of childhood can be featured this month. Gender issues or issues related to selection/rejection will come to your attention. This will include things like competitions and love triangles. Children could be featured and here again matters of gender. There is a strong desire to please others and much planning and strategy could be involved. Often it will be easy to read the faces of others this month, particularly those who are in positions of authority. Credibility is also important this month and that will be particularly true in matters related to money or finance.

SCORPIO: There is a certain realty this month that some things in life we just have to accept and deal with. It could be that those issues could feel destined or relate to Karma. You or others could be looking to do a makeover. Just realize taking risks or moving too quickly can bring chaos. It will be important to stay conscious and aware this month particularly as it applies to opportunities. Whenever possible take the most “organic” path. Feeling that you are being badgered is also highlighted particularly by those who would teach you or those who learn from you.

SAGITTARIUS: There is a focus on hearing this month, in particular listening. It can also indicate not really believing what is heard. Lies or lying is featured and sorting out those lies and how defeated people can be both when they discover the lie but also what it means to be caught in a lie. The truth really can be a light that sets you free as well as being the light that is needed. Optimism is working for you and it will help you to expand. Just be careful that you don’t over-do it or stretch yourself too far. Be wary of over-eating, particularly sugary foods can be an issue right now.

CAPRICORN: The real problem is that things seem to need to be done more then once. Just when it seems the goal is within reach you or others have to start over. Endings or getting something to stop is also featured this month. Training or education can also come up. Sometimes it will be more difficult to do it alone and this can make you feel life is a burden with a lot of responsibilities and restrictions. Really it is just that you have more responsibilities now many are depending on you. All of this can make your energy low and timing often feels off.

AQUARIUS: Revealing or discovering the truth about self-destructive behavior is featured this month. Helping whether giving or getting is also featured. Just be wary that the idea of giving or getting help does not put you or others in a position of willing victim. There is an awareness that painful memories or emotions can keep a person awake at night creating an up hill battle. Being away from home can put people into vulnerable positions. Animals (even those outside) are featured. Moving too quickly can be an issue at times whether it is you or a partner.

PISCES: Partnerships of all kinds can feel like Karma, and this is not always good. It is important for people to be fair with each other. At times it is tempting just to be anti-social. Be wary of over-reactions. This month features news and communications but these will not always be clear to you. There is an awareness regarding the lies we tell ourselves because we think that is what will make us happy. Endings and new beginnings are both featured this month. It will be a good time to withdraw and go off on your own, as you are dizzy from the lies.

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