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Midpoints Part III: Personal Midpoints – Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Node

April 9, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt


To start off, this is a continuation of the Midpoints Part II and the resource that was used was the book, “Architects of Time” by Martha Lang-Wescott pages 106-109.

Today we will look at the rest of the Personal Midpoints:

Ascendant/Aries Point: The Ascendant is the personality it is how we handle what is going on around us. In this case, it would be the way we handle what is going on in the “greater world.” It can relate to things such as one’s reputation as we deal with the responsibilities put before us.

Ascendant/Sun: If the Sun is what drives us and the Ascendant is the personality we present to the world, this is about whether or not our behavior fits. It is about how well we are integrated. It is about  whether or not you have the ability to take charge of your daily life, or do you feel like two different people?

Ascendant/Moon: Does the world around us provide us with a secure feeling? Is the personality and how one behaves a fit for how one feels emotionally? In Martha book she talks of coping with life. It is about the behaviors and mannerisms and whether or not they lead us to fulfillment in our daily lives. On a whole other level one also has a connection between the personality and the domestic or family life. Domestic demands and how they affect how a person lives or in particular behaves.

Ascendant/Node: This is how we deal with the daily demands put on us by others. It is how we adjust to the needs and demands of those around us. It is about interacting and maintaining connection with others.

Sun/Aries Point: The greater world and what drives us! Here we see things like the impact of public opinion. Whether or not you fit well into mainstream of society or the “outer world.” Are we someone who is affected by what is going on are we learning about ourselves as the result of observations from those in the outside world?

Sun/Node: Since the Nodes are our contacts this is about who we are through who we know. Our interactions with others (contacts, associates) and how we stay in contact are all apart of this Midpoint. It is about the establishments of these connections or contacts but it is also about how we fulfill what we feel is our path in life. Male connections in particular are highlighted here.

Moon/Aries Point: Here we can see how we are emotionally impacted through our dealings with the public in general or female relationships. It is about how our relationship to the public and or women how we relate and how we handle it.

Moon/Node: How emotionally affected are we by our contacts or connections? Do we deal with others on an emotional level or do we keep how we really feel to ourselves? It begs us to look at how much we might need those contacts or connections. Again since it is the Moon it relates to “female” energy and female connections. How much do we share with others?

Node/Aries Point: do the contacts or connections bring you out in public? This can also indicate meetings that take place in public places. This can also bring about contacts with those who are strangers who can have an impact on you.

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