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Using the New Asteroids in a Chart!

March 12, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

In honor of the Retrograde Mercury, instead of adding new asteroids to the list this might be a good time to begin to apply the asteroids we have already gone over to understand more about how they work in a chart. It is also a way to get to know yourself better as you apply these asteroids into your own chart.

There are several ways we can begin this work. One way would be to use the angles of the chart. Looking to see what asteroids fall close to the Ascendant/Descendant or Midheaven/IC can tell us a great deal. This is a technique that we use with Solar or Lunar returns in order to make predictions. It works well with natal work also. We use 10 degree orbs for all the angles. Another way to begin to study these asteroids is by looking at how they aspect other planets in the chart.

For our examples today: If someone has Mercury conjunct Bacchus we can assume they talk a great deal. There can also be a tendency to say too much. Over-thinking will also be a factor. Add in Toro and not only can this person talk and think in excess but they can also be good at being the bully. With that said they can also be a good coach in a sport. These are just some basic thoughts concerning the asteroids Bacchus and Toro and how they can apply to Mercury. Surely there are more examples but this is a start.

Another good example is the Sun conjunct either Juno or Hera, there is a tendency to do everything in life along with a partner. These are people who tend to rely on partnerships in all aspects of their life. They are people who often feel they HAVE to be married or in a partnership in order to move forward. It gives them more security that way. Whereas Juno or Hera on the Midheaven or Ascendant would indicate areas of the life that a person relies on the idea of partnerships or one-on-one jobs such as accountant (here the idea of expenses also applies) are more one-on-one. Juno on the Descendant speaks to the need to live with someone else, partnerships in the family or home are featured. Whereas Juno on the Descendant could be more about the partnerships of other people.

Next how about a someone with Admetus on their Ascendant, here we see someone who is big, solid and firm. Talk about running into a brick house. But this person is also able to persevere or at least it will seem that they have no choice but to persevere. This is due tot he fact that the environment has been one where that is what was needed to cope due to the fact that this is more about the Ascendant/environment. (But that often includes how a person looks.) Just as Venus on the Ascendant makes a person attractive.

The fact that the asteroids on the Ascendant can be so exacting in their details makes it easier for an astrologer to rectify the time of a natal chart. But learning the asteroids overall can begin in your own chart. The details will surely blow you away, making this the best way to learn the energy of the asteroids. Well….at least in this astrologer’s opinion.

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