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Asteroids Part VIII: Child, Hephaistos, House, Ornamenta, Phaethon, Requiem, Sisyphus, and Tantalus

March 6, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

Child: Children including our own inner child. This placement can tell a person what they were like as a child. The glyph is a circle with a small circle inside on the right side of that larger circle.

Hephaistos: Odd couples are associated with this energy. If one thinks about the Mythology associated with Hephaistos, his whole life is the result of “odd couples.” He is lame because through his parents fighting he was thrown from Olympus,then he ultimately marries Aphrodite. Creating the beauty and the lame man. The glyph looks a bit like Vulcanus where he also shares similar energies related to metals and creating with metals. But the vertical line creating the arrow is doubled with Hephaistos.

House: Buildings, homes it is a place of consideration. Further details via the chart can help determine that. It is also how a person feels to be in that building. The glyph here is simply a capital letter H.

Ornamenta: Ornaments, decoration and that includes circumstances and situations where tokens or embellishments are used. It talks of the manner and reason for the gift as well as how we experience receiving gifts. The glyph is the sign of Venus with an extra horizontal line at the bottom.

Phaethon: Vehicles of any kind is associated with Phaethon. Driving cars or cars in general are associated with this energy. There can also be a degree of recklessness that can happen through this asteroid. It is about getting carried away. The glyph is the sign of Mercury with an extra horizontal line at the bottom.

Requiem: This is rest and not struggling. It is associated with funerals but it is so much more then that. It is when we let something be in our lives. In some cases it can be the acceptance of things are are difficult for others to accept. Because of “being at peace” with it. You or others have given up the struggle and just accept. The glyph is the same as Orpheus but the vertical line has an R at the top.

Sisyphus: To keep trying, to have to do things over again are the ways in which Sisyphus can manifest. Even when pushed back, knocked down or even wiped out, it is that ability to get up and try again. The glyph is ball that is on a line that forms a hill as though balanced on another half circle. (Giving the impression of moving a rock up hill.)

Tantalus: This energy is to feel tested. Perhaps you or others are being tested for what you know, or what is known in general. Here there can be a sense of casting pearls before swine. You or others may not appreciate what has been given. It is an appreciation of what you or others value, or not! The glyph is the sign of Venus with a capital T drawn in the lower half of the circle.

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