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Asteroids Part VII: Daedalus, Eos, Eurydike, Industria, Odysseus, Pythia, Sphinx, and Tisiphone

February 27, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

Daedalus: This is someone who is clever as a result they are able to have the consequences of their actions fall on the shoulders of others. It is the ability to escape consequences, it can also indicate jealousy. The glyph looks like the sign of Uranus but with a triangle in the middle of the horizontal line.

Eos: Represents the early morning hours. It can also refer to being scattered in energy. With that said it can also indicate misdirected anger. The glyph is a broken arrow heading upward and ending up pointing downward.

Eurydike: Dependency on others for whatever reason. Being led by others. This glyph looks like Orpheus on the bottom and Juno/Hera on top.

Industria: Production is seen through this energy. This is about being industrious and productive. It relates to work or vocation. The glyph looks like Saturn but with two horizontal lines on the top.

Odysseus: This is about travel and travelers, those who are away from home. Besides a journey this can also indicate estrangement or the idea of dealing with strangers. The glyph is a half-moon with an arrow coming from the Moon projecting to the right.

Pythia: When things don’t turn out exactly as we intuited it would. Misunderstanding the signs or indications can lead to faulty perceptions, or Pythia. The glyph is a letter P with two half circles one circling upward encasing the top of the P and the other forming downward from the lower section of the vertical line.

Sphinx: Questions, that missing information that causes a situation to have unknowns. The glyph looks like a question mark with an arrow at the bottom pointing downward.

Tisiphone: Just rewards can be seen through this energy. This can be avenging energy or gaining justice. It is what is “deserved.” This can be either good or bad that is due. The glyph is a half moon with a cross extended on the right side.

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