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Predictions for the New Moon Chart dated: March 6, 2019

February 25, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

Just taking a look at the asteroids in the Sun/Moon axis, there is a story to tell.

The Sun and Moon are not running alone, they are joined by the asteroid Vesta and the planet Neptune. Right here we are creating a story line. Vesta represents our work and goals but it also is distance. When you see Neptune in the axis there is a sense of being overly-sensitive. Vesta in the line-up continues that story line by explaining that due to being sensitive people have to be more objective in order to handle what is going on.


Neptune is in a rather strong place here as it is ruled by the sign of Pisces where not only Neptune sits but also the Sun and Moon. Neptune is a lack of clarity. With Neptune there is a tendency toward misunderstanding as well as opening for deception and disappointment.


If we look back a month or so there is another New Moon where the Sun and Moon were in aspect with Neptune through the Aries Point. Su/Mo and Neptune formed a midpoint at the Aries Point, so we were affected as a world or on the world stage….then we had a Government shutdown. Neptune is now directly conjunct both the Sun and Moon. This is NOT in the Aries Point but certainly something that can be felt on a personal level.


Since the asteroid Eurydike is also in this axis, indicating there could be issues with co-dependency. Here too is another way in which things can lack clarity, if one is too dependent on another. This also leaves the door open to deception or even self-deception. This will be particularly true when goals or work are dependent on someone else. This will often leave the work or goals undefined. It can also leave us feeling powerless. It can make one’s days feel eventful but also menacing. In some cases people could feel they are being forced out of their activities.


With both Sappho (Bonding) and Proserpina (Alone), one gets the idea that even in a camaraderie people are still on their own or still have to go it on their own. All of this can leave one feeling more detached about their work or goals. In some cases people will find they are too defined by their work or their achievement of goals.


Other asteroids that show up in this axis would be, Demeter for the idea of care-taking as well as parent/child relationships. This is a reminder of those who are caring for others, which also includes the asteroids Eurydike for dependency as well as Vesta for work. Atropos also shows up which can indicate the importance of endings. It also looks at how important those endings are to the future and to one’s work.


Through this we are also reminded of how people tend to identify with their work and how this can cause one to be too objective. It can also bring up the question whether people feel exploited for being too dedicated to their work or goals. This can cause a disconnect in their feelings and emotions.


With both Uranus for unpredictability and Vulcanus for pressure there can also be some abusive and unpredictable outbursts. Sometimes people push for crisis in a situation. Here tension can become it’s own pressure. Remember some people will be shocking as a way to control others or to apply pressure.



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