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New Moon Predictions for March 6, 2019

February 25, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: On going issues are getting complicated, making things harder to resolve. Some things are just a necessary evil to life. (Work in particular can feel like this.) Look to the future right now. Where matters seem to be getting worse it will be important to set boundaries, particularly with those who are closest to you. Planning and strategies are important right now, as well as pleasing others. There can be a touch of sadness in looking back at the past.

TAURUS: Health matters can make things unpredictable. Issues with either pets or wild animals could be getting worse. Rational thought goes a long way this month. Pretty cards or vehicles could come to your attention. Odd couples will come to your attention, and situations where when things are hard or tough people just pretend. This month features times when you or others are smiling but not feeling very happy.

GEMINI: There can be some victory with regard to short-cuts right now. People and that includes you tend to be self-centered right now. In situations where someone feels “captured”, “stuck” there can be a pressure. One lesson could be that pressure can cause someone to feel “abducted.” Looking for the source of “blame” can put people into vulnerable even humiliating situations. Notice how a person’s pride can also put them into vulnerable circumstances. Partnerships are highlighted this month, and bonding with others.

CANCER: Service people or being of service will come to your attention. There could be some exciting things going on, not all good! When it comes to out-of-control behavior (and this includes things like drinking too much or drug use), it will be difficult for you or others to know when or how to speak out. Look to for those times when people only pretend to have compassion, or at the very least they will have a funny way of showing it.

LEO: It will be important to listen to your “gut” this month, things are not exactly as you thought. Even if you overall intuition has been great, this will still be true. One reason if the fact that things are really slow, they have to be done in pieces slowing down the process. Siblings will come to your attention, whether yours or someone else. A good many new connections can be made now. When it comes to some financial matters, you or others could feel a need to “pray.”

VIRGO: Memories and your mind in general could feel like it’s moving backwards at times. It could be just a time when there is such an influx of information. Health matters will play a role in what is going on this month. It will also be important to pay attention to what you eat. There could be a great deal going that you are unaware of. This month also features “just rewards.” Justice of all kinds, for all kinds of people will come to your attention. Dreams can be interesting right now.

LIBRA: A great deal of what is going on right now could feel destined, even if it is hard. Financial matters will also come to your attention. Decisions will have to be made. There can also be a great deal of care related to strategies that please a child. How credible someone is can often be seen on their face, at least this month it seems so. Being attractive in public is something else you or others seem to be putting more emphasis on. Sleep can also be a factor right now.

SCORPIO: Being at peace with the idea of spending money. Mentors are featured as well as the idea of being of service. This might even be a great time to invest in a mentor or mentor program for a service field. There could be a risk taken this month that can help bring on more chaos and confusion. Realization that there are those who would charm their way through a situation. They are not beyond using a scapegoat.

SAGITTARIUS: Really listening can be important right now. This month features advice, giving it and taking it. There is a sense of “here we go again,” particularly when it comes to matters related to the truth. Parent-child relationships are featured this month. Optimism can be helpful, the idea of expansion can help you and others see or even find direction. Websites are also important this month, in some cases websites help to get tot he bottom of things, at other times one can feel “stuck” related to the web.

CAPRICORN: There is a focus on stopping something that is deteriorating. A struggle between going it alone or depending on another, or having them depend on you. Burdens can feel heavy particularly if you or others are dealing with someone who is clever enough to allow their consequences to fall on the shoulders of those around them. Just be wary that you or others are not manipulated into self-destructive behavior or circumstances.

AQUARIUS: People can be more private about their personal life opening up the possibility of betrayal. This also features homes away from home, or buildings one goes to when not home. The idea of partnerships and couples and how people can pretend will come to your attention. Relationships and the idea of fairness can feel like Karma right now, as well as being an Achilles Heel. It can feel rather anti-social right now. This time period features the ending or dealing with the end of a health matter or issue.

PISCES: Over-reactions can cause some humiliation. This will be particularly true when dealing with new beginnings. Be wary of lies, and that includes materials that are found on the Internet or favorite website. Doing things on your own or being on your own is also featured. This New Moon is in your sign but it also comes with Neptune, bringing with it a lack of clarity. It is a good time to stay focused on your goals. Just be wary of “faulty perceptions,” either yours or another.

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