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Asteroids Part VI: Cupido-A, Apollonia, Admete, Kron, Poseidon-A, Vulcano, Zeus-A, and Orpheus.

February 21, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

Today’s List is actually asteroids that function a great deal like their Transneptunian Counterparts. All but Orpheus has a TNP which can help with interpretations and how to use them. They are often interpreted the same way the TNP is with little variation.

Cupido-A: Is similar to the TNP Cupido. The difference here is that Cupido-A is more associated with “faces” and appearances (physical features) (vanity) not as much with buildings or homes or family as Cupido can be. This is more about what things or people look like. The glyph is the sign of Venus inside a half circle of the letter A is attached.

Apollonia: Here Apollon is the TNP associated with Apollonia, just like Apollon in many ways. It interprets as more then one or many, just like the TNP Apollon. Here the interpretation will be the same as the Transneptunian Apollon. Here the glyph looks exactly the same as the TNP a capital letter L with the sign of Gemini at the lower horizontal line, again an A is attached to make the distinction that it is an asteroid.

Admete: Is the same energy as the TNP Admetus, they both represent getting to the bottom of something. They also represent the idea of blockage, large rock formations, landscaping in general and inventory. The asteroids is identical to the TNP only with the A added. That is the sign of mercury with a cross in the circle.

Kron: This is the same energy to the TNP Kronos dealing with credibility and authority. Kron is also, like the TNP height, expertise, opinions, professionalism, and fame. The glyph looks the same as Kronos only with an A. A large T with an added horizontal line in the middle.

Poseidon-A: Poseidon-A is the exact energy of Poseidon the Transneptunian. Keywords are things like clarity, windows, higher education, higher philosophies, Media and propaganda. The glyph is the sign of Pisces turned on it’s side so the particle circles are on the top and bottom with an A added.

Vulcano: Here the TNP is Vulcanus and they too are similar to exact in interpretation. Vulcano is pressure, it is that feeling of “have to.” This energy is about that inner drive. Keywords are pressure, deadlines, have tos, coercive attempts, and influence. The glyph again are identical with the exception of the A that is added to Vulcano. It is an arrow on top of a triangle with an A.

Zeus-A: Once again the energy is the same as the TNP Zeus. There is excitement as well as keeping emotions under control with the energy of Zeus. Energy and effort are applied with this energy. Keywords can be things like creativity, the seed, training and planning, weapons, fires, and production. The glyphs are identical with the exception of the added A for the asteroid. An arrow above and x and of course the added A.

Ophelia: Our only stand alone asteroids in today’s list. Ophelia indicates over-reactions. In mundane astrology it is seen as an over-reaction or reactions that are blown out of proportion. The glyph looks a great deal like the asteroids Psyche with a little ball on the bottom of the left side of the X.

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