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Asteroids Part IV: Hubris, Atropos, Lachesis, Klotho, Proserpina, Persephone, Siwa, and Siva

February 7, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

Hubris, Atropos, Lachesis and Klotho are considered the four Fates, as in mythology. All the glyphs begin with the hour glasses with a horizontal line through their waists.


Hubris is for the sense of “fate” one’s slot in life.  The glyph as nothing extra only the hour glass with the horizontal line at the waist.


Lachesis is interruptions and disruptions that occur in the middle of something, The glyph is the hour glass with the horizontal line in the middle at the end of the line is the letter L.


Atropos is endings and the importance of endings, too late, too little. The glyph is the hour glass with the letter A at the end of the horizontal line.


Klotho is beginnings and the importance of beginnings, how things start.  Pre-existing  The glyph is the hour glass with the K at the end of the horizontal line.


Proserpina and Persephone are also based in mythology and they both represent the daughter or Demeter/Ceres who spends have a year in the underworld.


With that said both of the asteroids are about going it alone or doing things on your own. Words like rite of passage and separation anxiety. The glyphs are a small circle with a extended vertical line. In the case of Proserpina an open ½ circle is added after the circle.


Siva and Siwa are also asteroids who have similar or the same meaning. Here the asteroids represent time to withdraw, taking time off or away. These asteroids also represent the idea of “destruction” rages are associated with this energy. It is about how things disintegrate so that something new can be born. Also the idea of noise pollution or the need to get away from noise, the need for quiet. The glyphs is based on Pluto’s glyph, since the energies have similarities here, adding arms to the horizontal line. Siva has one arm up (right side) and one down (left) Siwa has two up (right side) and the left one pointing down.




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