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Asteroids Part III: Diana, Hopi, Icarus, Nemesis, Orpheus, Pandora, Psyche and Sappho

January 30, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

Please note that all materials are referenced from my teacher who has her own web-site: These asteroids and many more appear in her book, “Mechanics of the Future.”

Diana: Hunter-Prey, feeling chased or hounded, hide and seek. There is a hunter theme with this energy. The glyph is in the shape of a bow, or a capital D where both the top and bottom are extended.

Hopi: Boundaries, territorial disputes, knifes, ambush, corn-based foods, discrimination and prejudice, minorities. The glyph looks like a feather.

Icarus: Risk taking, the need to go fast, the need to escape, taking chances without consideration of consequences. The glyph is a upside-down triangle, peak down with a line running across it.

Nemesis: Blame, trapped, scapegoat, one’s undoing, it is what keeps tripping us up in life. The glyph is a circle encased in a half circle with a horizontal line through it. Giving a sense of being trapped.

Orpheus: Sadness, grief, crying, that sense of loss, death, but it is also associated with music. The glyph is a pinhead with a cap on pointing downward.

Pandora: Unexpected, surprises, being caught off guard, (good news or bad) regardless it will be unexpected. The glyph is a box, for “Pandora’s Box.”

Psyche: psychological wounds, but also emotional pain, pain in general, but also associated with intuitive or psychic ability. The glyph is an open trident, making it look a bit like a disfigured cross.

Sappho: Bonding, camaraderie, sharing common interests, to feel the same as others. What people have in common. The glyph is two over-lapping glyph of Venus.

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