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New Moon Predictions for February 4, 2019

January 27, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: Life is full of those necessary evils including the need to make money. But money issues will not be easily resolved at this time. The fact that it doesn’t get resolved can also cause complications. It may be due to complications that things are not easily resolved. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself and your health. It is important to have good boundaries particularly for those people you love, due to the fact that situations seem to be getting worse. Things are unpredictable now and that I includes you. Watch out for those that smile they are not really what they appear to be.

TAURUS: this month features dealing with things that have gotten out of hand or control. Vehicles will come to your attention. You are very goal oriented right now and could have an attitude of “just do it.” There is so much going on and in that you could either hear a good number of complaints or you yourself are complaining about something. Issues with autocrat decisions are likely. Interruptions or disruptions can lead to problem solving. There could be some pressure to look for short-cuts.

GEMINI: You could feel that you are being held captive in specific situations. But it could be either the structure that is to blame or the lack of structure. Bonding with others is featured. However, so is the idea of “humiliation” and the fact that there could be a situations where it will be a little too little and a little too late. Be mindful of your pride here, particularly with those areas that you are most excited about. You will become more aware and conscious of issues such a co-dependency. You could also be more aware of those you serve and those who serve you.

CANCER: It seems you need to speak out regarding issues or abuses, you just aren’t sure how people will react, particularly those will addiction issues. This is a time when you can make new connections and contacts. Timing should be good this month. But even with this said, it is not a month when you feel like you are your best self. It may be that you and others are not sure that you believe what you hear. Compassion is your best approach right now. It will also be hard to trust those in charge, due to making mistakes or having questionable past.

LEO: This is not your best time of the year, energy levels could be a bit low right now. Money in particular or making sure you get what you are worth are issues in play at this time. Prayer can help. This is a month when prayer can help. Listen and pay attention to your gut, both on an intuitive level but also literally. Watch what you eat. There is a good bit of intuition this month but be wary as things will not go exactly as you thought. There could also be a crisis that makes things go slower either because things are done in pieces or because of a sibling.

VIRGO: You are pondering some serious matters this month. Memories will play a role. Health issues related to food will come to your attention. Parent-child issues will also come to your attention this month. This month is also about “just rewards,” though they won’t feel like rewards in part due to the fact that there is lot going on that is now known. Sometimes it will feel that you are taking a plunge but now sure where you will land, due to this missing information and the fact that somethings are being done what you or others feel is backward.

LIBRA: Listen to your inner voice right now, you are getting messages that can be important to you. Much of what is going on will feel destined to you, not necessarily good but certainly meant to be. There could also be a lot of decisions and some of them could involve children. With regard to children there could also be some competition that comes to your attention. Strategy can be important to your credibility. Pleasing people particular your boss or superior is also highlighted. Memories will also play a role in what is going on this month.

SCORPIO: There is an acceptance (even if reluctantly) related to money matters. This could be related to business or a particular business. You and others can feel badgered by others, in some cases it will those you serve. Being a mentor or dealing with mentors/teachers is also highlighted. The things to be careful if here is co-dependency. Risks are also featured and in some cases risks will lead to opportunities. These opportunities can be about making over something. Be wary that things don’t get so chaotic that you or others are put into a bad situation.

SAGITTARIUS: With Jupiter in your sign there is a great sense of optimism but it can also be a time of over-doing it. As a way to improve your situation you could be looking to “stop” something. You could be enduring a tough situation but it will be important for you to remain firm. Just when things seem to be very bad is when you will see that light at the end of the tunnel. You will also realize that depending on others or having people depend on you can put you into a position where you are on your own. It will also come to your attention that some people can defeat their situation with only a look.

CAPRICORN: Spending money on your home or a building is featured right now. Changes can be empowering even if only decorating your home. Connections and contacts can be disappointing at this time, it could feel like timing is off. Helping others and getting help are featured this month, but it also feels as though there are certain responsibilities that feel like a burden. Betrayal and privacy issues can also arise in helping situations. The burden of responsibility can also bring about a sense of “gloom and doom.” There can be a great deal of temptation related to out of control behavior.

AQUARIUS: This is your month Aquarius and as a result you should feel more confident. However, health matters could be an issue. There could even be news related to health matters. Web-sites are highlighted. Be wary new beginnings are prominent but so are lies. Relationships will also be a focus as well as the idea of being fair. There is also an awareness that people can be more anti-social when they are in unfamiliar territory or away from home. Be wary also of over-reactions whether yours or someone else. Nighttime is highlighted this month.

PISCES: Spending time alone working on your career or goals in general is highlighted this month. At times you will feel confused but part of this could be due to some “faulty perception.” Missing information can also be an issue and can cause it’s own confusion. You or others are dealing with a sad situation. In some cases it will be due in part to those little lies we tell ourselves because we believe it will make us happy. Some of the faulty beliefs could be related to the physical body. It is also the realization that lies of any kind can be humiliating. Overall this is just a great lack of clarity and this can cause some of the issue.

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