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Asteroids at the Aries Point for the New Moon dated February 4, 2019

January 27, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

Taking another opportunity to look and study the asteroids to see what they can tell us and even teach us about this new moon. Since it is the Aries Point or sometimes called the world point, we can see this if not in our own lives or the lives of those around us but also in the media. All of this will be stronger with the fact that both the Sun and Moon at 15 degrees of Aquarius also falls in this Aries Point Axis. This all makes this a great learning opportunity.

Asteroids that fall in the Aries Point: Aesculapia/Mars fall in the axis of the Aries Point but they also form a midpoint to the Aries Point. Aesculapia=Health matters, Mar=action. There could be some headway made in the area of health, action and direction regarding health. Could also be that health issues are affected by what is going on. One to watch is the idea of how temper and anger can affect health.

Another two asteroids that fall in the Axis but also make a midpoint to the Aries Point would be Nemesis and Williams. Nemesis is for blame and placing blame, while Williams can be humiliation. Can the idea of placing or naming blame put people into humiliating and vulnerable places. Maybe we all need to be careful of placing blame when something happens, because it can lead to humiliation. Than again naming blame puts humiliation squarely on what’s to blame. Since Williams is also associated with health issues, particularly related to neurological or even liver issues, added with the Aesculapia asteroid. The blame could be again a health matter of issue.

Hebe is also in the Axis and it is associated with “service people.” But this can also be associated with “co-dependency.” Since it is retrograde it won’t behave as expected. So perhaps the idea of being of service to another is not obvious and thus neither is the fact that people can be co-dependent. Service people are not hitting their mark.

Kalypso is also retrograde in the Aries Point axis. That tells us there is missing information, not all is known and by the way with Williams here humiliation is possible if not all is known and that will be true if this is also a health matter. Misunderstanding and misrepresentation are all possible with this missing information.

Dreyfus represents the scapegoat. Be wary as many can blame (Nemesis) the service people, or the co-dependent directive (Hebe). With Cupido the Transneptunian which represents the family or the group. Not knowing everything (Kalypso) can make all this more complicated, perhaps creating a need for a scapegoat. (Dreyfus)

WIYN and Hermes also form a midpoint to the Aries Point axis. Hermes is used like Mercury, it represents news. Could good news come that indicates some form of a win. And what kind of WIYN if we don’t know everything (Kalypso).

Sheldon which represents the body and reaffirms the idea of health. Could the body be an issue? Is it body language that indicates people don’t have all the information. Could the news of the WIYN be something like getting weight and body under control? So many options.

All of these asteroids are residing at the Aries Point and they are sitting here along with the Sun and Moon. Sun=I am and the Moon=I feel. But Pluto is also in that axis and it is a reminder that whatever is going on may be out of our control. Pluto is also transforming It represents change on a deeper level. It is also change that is not in our control. All this change and transformation could be affecting who we are and what direction we need to take. Pluto in aspect to the Sun and Moon can also affect our digestion and how we

In some cases people will hide things as a way to stay in control and to not appear weak. Realize that people do not always want others to know what is really going on. All of this is complicated by the fact that the Moon is here. People can bow out of what is expected of them. Power struggles are likely with Pluto/Sun/Moon all in Aries Axis.

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