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Asteroids: Part I – Amor, Arachne, Atlantis, Bacchus, Eros, Hebe, Toro, Urania

January 16, 2019

A study of the Asteroids: Part I (Amor, Arachne, Atlantis, Bacchus, Eros,

There are so many asteroids that the best way to learn them is in small increments. We will start off with eight in this first part. There is articles written on the big four on the website and now a video clip on the big four. This time we will begin another list of 8 that we can also include in natal charts as a way to begin to understand how they work.

The resource for this material comes from “Mechanics of the Future” by Martha Lang-Wescott. (One of my main teachers.) Mechanics is available through Amazon. One way to begin working with asteroids is to use “keywords.” Unlike planets the interpretations are more detailed and more exacting.

Beginning the first list:

Amor: Love, but more then that it is the concept of love with conditions. It can indicate boundaries (or lack of) in relationships, what is and what is not acceptable with those we love. The glyph looks like a heart with a line through it from top to bottom.

Arachne: The glyph here is a spider web because Arachne is complications and intrigue, it can also represent things like knitting and sewing. But it also indicates things like the Internet.

Atlantis: Privacy issues are represented through this energy. People tend to be private, but there is also a sense of “gloom and doom” that also accompanies this energy.

Bacchus: Here we have abuse and addiction issues. This can relate to things like drugs and alcohol but it can also indicate things that have gotten out of control. Conjunct Mercury for example is someone who tends to talk too much. The glyph looks like an open martini glass.

Eros: This is what turns us on, what excites us. Eros is also our desire to live. It is also associated with the heart and cardiac issues as well as reproductive matters.

Hebe: Service people and being of service is how Hebe is used. But Hebe is also related to things like co-dependency. It represents the “service attitude.” but one has to be wary of catering to the self-centered and immature demands of others. That makes a person an “enabler,” also associated. Here the glyph is martini glass that is closed at the top.

Toro: The glyph for Toro says a great deal about this energy. It is Mercury with a jagged line running across the circle. Toro is the bully. Pure testosterone on every level, and this includes the fact that the muscles are associated with Toro.

Urania: Represents Astrology, technology and all forms of rational thought. The glyph looks like a triangle that has fallen in on one side. (Or fallen on it’s side.) Very good representation of that Uranian energy.

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