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January 3, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: You can be productive through clearing or cleaning things up. This is also a month to use rational thought and strategies. You or others seem to be dealing with situations that are not going well right now. It is important to pay attention to what is going on with your health or the health of someone close to you. But it could also be the pets or an animal that is the focus. Be wary of boundaries when it comes to those you love. You are kind to those around you, but some things are just unacceptable. When someone smiles at you, you could/should question why? What does it mean?

TAURUS: There seems to be a lot going on right now. In many ways it is part of an expansion of sorts. It has you very focused and goal oriented. But be wary of letting something get out of hand, making your or others feel like you are on a treadmill getting nowhere. Cars or vehicles could come to your attention. Though there will be many interruptions and disruptions, you can be successful and solve problems this month. There could be a good bit of complaining this month if not you then someone close to you.

GEMINI: The blame game or the idea of placing blame comes into clear focus this month. It may be due to the fact that you or others feel humiliation or the idea of blame causes the humiliation. Using a structure makes it easier to endure and get through things. Even if you are excited about something that is going on right now it will feel as though it is a little too little and a little too late. There could be some issues in the neighborhood that has neighbors bonding together.

CANCER: Issues and embarrassments with things like mistakes are abound. At times it will be the fact that those in charge are have made mistakes or worse yet they are not very good at their job. Things from the past could threaten one’s reputation and credibility. Service people are also highlighted this month, in some cases because they don’t seem to be meeting the needs of others. A time or two that service person could be you. This is a great time to make new connections and contacts, but it will be tough to know when or speak up.

LEO: This is probably not your favorite season, so energy might be lower right now. It will be important to have compassion, particularly for those who have addiction issues or addictive behavior. There is news about money or on some financial matter. This is

also a month when it will be important to pay attention to your “gut.” This statement will mean all that it can, it is both your stomach and the possibility of stomach issue. But his also reminds us to listen to our gut instincts. With that said, though intuition is good right now, a time or two things will not go as you thought they would.

VIRGO: Siblings will come to your attention this month if not yours then the siblings of another. There are some serious matters that are taking a long time to come into being. In some cases things have to be done more then once, or it takes more then one experience for someone to learn the lesson. All of this will leave you pondering and reflecting on things, particularly one’s memories. Health matters will also come to your attention. It comes with the idea of just rewards. So for those who are dieting it will pay off.

LIBRA: Dreams will be particularly interesting right now and there could be a great deal learned through dreams. Listen to that inner voice right now, so much of what is going on will feel destined on some level. It seems a good bit is going on and some of it could feel like an expansion. Money and financial matters could require some degree of strategy and planning. Things are what they are. But the thoughts are these things will have to resolve themselves organically. There could be some decisions that have to be made, perhaps regarding a child.

SCORPIO: The fact that people feel fated to take risks will come to your attention right now. You could also be aware of situations where the employee or the person who is in the position of serving can also be the one who takes the role of scapegoat. Opportunities can arise that could enable you to do a makeover on some level. You could even deal with either being a mentor or finding one. Be wary of lies and lying whether your own or someone else particularity when getting or giving advice. Watch too for those who allow the consequences of their actions fall on the shoulders of others.

SAGITTARIUS: Deciphering what you are reading on the Internet could be highlighted this month. Actually any time you are gathering information you will have to make certain it is true. News that something is stopping could hit hard. Depending on others can be beneficial but it can also manifest as increasing dependencies. The best way to win the situation right now is to go it on your own. The information you are getting is the truth about things you or others need to make you happy, a light at the end of a tunnel. Privacy is important as well as keeping things confidential.

CAPRICORN: The fact that people have prejudice can be so self-destructive. News and communication is featured. Could be hearing stories of how helping others can be putting yourself into a vulnerable position, at times even a willing victim. This is your time and yet there are so many changes and things that seem out of our control going on that you or others tend to be more anti-social. Right now people are not at their best if they are not true to who they really are. Things are ending, some of those made you feel you were being held for ransom in some way.

AQUARIUS: People could be withdrawing because of medical issues. Web-sites could be featured this month and health matters could be the reason, issues related to muscles in particular. People can also be very angry and bully like when faced with a lie. Beginnings related to work and goals could be sudden. This month features working on your own. You could be aware of the faulty percepts you or others have about something. There can be clarity this month as more is learned. Surprises can cause confusion. Missing information is also featured.

PISCES: Sad situations can require that you keep your emotions under control. This can be a good time for you or others to withdraw. The fact that some people are treated badly by others could come to your attention. Be wary that you are getting the whole story and not being lied to by others. Things are not clear yet. Those things you tell yourself that will make you happy, are not. But they are what they are. You or others can spend time reminiscing. Money issues will not be easily resolved. This can be due to added complications.

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