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January 5, 2019 New Moon Midpoints: Taken from the Aries Point!

January 3, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

Both Sun and Moon are sitting at 15 degrees of Capricorn. Although this is not considered an Aries Point (15 degrees Fixed, 0 degrees and 22.30 degrees of Cardinal and 7.30 degrees Mutable.) for more information on the Aries Point, sometimes referred to as the world point, check out the website, where you will find both an article and a video on the subject.

What does occur this month is that both the Sun and Moon are pulled into the Aries Point through Neptune 14 degrees of Pisces. So we see both as

SU/Neptune = Aries Point and MO/Neptune = Aries Point. Okay so what does this all mean? The Sun represents the “I am” and the Moon represents “I feel” and Neptune is a lack of clarity. It may be tough for people to know what they want, Neptune makes us more compassionate but it also makes us more vulnerable. Disappointment and deception are two words that can be used to describe energy related to Neptune.

Questioning who we are and what direction we need to go in may not be easily answered right now. The path could look to blurry. The same will be said of a person emotions and this could also include things like the idea of security. People tend to be too sensitive and this is not just an issue emotionally, but the tendency to be ill is also there. Moments of being impractical is another way this can manifest. The vulnerability of this energy can leave people feeling victimized. The good thing about all of this is it allows the ego to let go even if the future is not easily defined.

The Moon with Neptune only compounds this energy. Here it will feel as though people are just mucking around in the emotional mire. When the world seems to be a place of uncertainty, there doesn’t seem to be a place to go to feel grounded, not even within ourselves. That hypersensitivity can make things just not feel right. The fear of deception is strong. The real danger here is self-deception. The reality is that there may be a few things that you are just kidding yourself about. This energy also makes it tough for people to clear or straightforward.

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