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Today’s Aries Point Features. . . .

December 14, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Two Midpoints stand out in today’s Aries Point. Remember the Aries Point is that 0 degree of Cardinal point. (Aries-Libra-Cancer-Capricorn) This is one of the easiest ways to prediction what you might hear in the media. For some it will be something that is felt more direct, if the Aries Point is big in your chart.

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Two Midpoints stand out very clearly. The first is Node/Mercury. So we start off with how there will be many conversations about meetings and people. This is about the importance of communication on every level. It can also indicate issues or thoughts related to siblings. The fact that the North Node is in Cancer and the South Node is in Capricorn, can indicate family connections (Cancer) as well as business connections (Capricorn). In some instances it can even be a discussion about a siblings business.

Mercury is 1 degree of Sagittarius. There can be communication with regard to what people believe. Realize that since this is about Sagittarius energy, it may be more about someone’s opinion then it would be about gathered facts. Mercury rules Gemini which is a fact finding placement. But in Sagittarius, the opposite, it could be more about what someone believes rather then what is fact or truth.

The other Midpoint is the Transneptunian Kronos forms a midpoint with Mars. Simply stated this can represent anger with those in charge. There can be issues as one tries to comply with protocol and procedures. Arguments over matters of opinion are also likely, (and this goes well with the last midpoint.) The use of the law as a battle ground is another way this energy can be applied. It can also be activities we’ll be involved in that will bring us into contact with the authorities. It will also come to your attention to notice how effective or efficient a leader or authority figure is. You can also challenge those in authoritative roles as a way to assert your own credibility. You have also ask yourself if those in charge are qualified and competent.

Kronos is presently about 11 degrees of Cancer. Kronos as we know is about expertise, authority and credibility. People in authority roles will come under the heading of Kronos. Kronos is also high places and time. Since the energy is in Cancer and Cancer is associated with Mother and the home, it begs the question whether you feel nurtured and what about things like security. When you are questions the authority figures could it be due to the fact that it has affected your security on some level?

Mars is in Pisces, this can make ones emotions stronger. Resentment is possible and even likely. (Resentment toward those in charge?) It could be that people have been thinking a great deal about these issues. It also indicates that any disagreements can also happen in a more subtle and less direct way.

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