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December 7, 2018 New Moon Predictions: **Asteroid based predictions!

December 2, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: Strategy related to a situation that is getting worse will come to your attention. It will also be important to be kind to those in your charge, but with that said it is also important to keep your boundaries when dealing with those who you love or are close to. Pets or even animals in the wild will come to your attention. With that said being in and around nature can be good for you or others right now. Be wary of those who approach with a smile, there is a tendency to be humiliated through those you cannot trust.

TAURUS: There will be a great deal of pressure in many situations, perhaps this is due to the need for victory. Then again pressure can lead to success. Big financial dealings are featured and this could include involvement with a bank as well. The car business can also come to your attention. But be wary that something that you are excited about can come with costs. Partners and partnerships are featured this month. There is a good ability to solve problems this month.

GEMINI: Computers will play a role and often they will be frustrating but working with computers can also create short-cuts as well as helping get to the bottom of a matter. You will also notice those situations where people feel they are held “captive” and this includes those who are addicted to cigarette smoking. Odd couples and people who just seem so different then one another will come to your attention. Structures or lack of structure can be an Achilles’ Heel. Bonding with others with similar circumstances will also be a focus this month.

CANCER: Many things don’t seem to be working the way you thought. But with that said this is also a month when you can make new contacts and connections. There could be a stronger awareness of the mistakes or the past of officials and/or authority figures. Mistakes or issues in general can have a strong affect on one’s ego. It will be important to pay attention to what is going on around you. It is also important to look at the future and the goals for the future, particularly those situations that occur in the outer world.

LEO: It may be harder to feel compassion for those who have “out of control” behavior. That will include drug addicts and or alcoholics. It may be there are issues related to money because of it. This may be one reason why it will be hard to speak up or speak out. When it comes to financial matters it will be important to listen to your gut. With that said, stomach issues are also possible. Though your intuition is good this month, there will be a time or two when you will feel humbled when things are not exactly what you thought they were.

VIRGO: Sad or serious situations will come to your attention. Some issues will be related to siblings. There are also issues that seem to be happening very slowly and this can be causing some crisis. There could be some wondering of the mind this month. Health matters could require some of your attention. Look for situations that refer to justice that is away from view, just rewards that happen behind the scenes. By the same token watch for those who try to avoid “justice.” It can also be the time to take the plunge, which could be the result of news!

LIBRA: Children could come to you attention this month and the idea of “suppressed” thinking could play apart. Competition or situations where there is a selection/rejection will require strategy and the need to please others. There will be times when you or others will just accept things are what they are. A time of being more “organic” in your approach. There is a great deal of excitement but there could also be hold-ups related to money. Yet much of what is going on can feel very “destined.” A makeover with regard to serving others is also featured.

SCORPIO: Watch out for those who are very clever, in some cases causing you to spend more money. Money will seem to just slip away, things will tend to cost more then you thought. Be wary that others are telling the truth and sometimes this might even be you. News or information comes to you that can give you clarity. Then again there could be news or media propaganda where are you feel is “here we go again.” Don’t be surprised if you hear something more then once. Look to for those times when you or others are learning the truth about bad stuff.

SAGITTARIUS: This is your time of the year and that can make it a great time to begin new things. At the same time this can also be at time when you will learn things some of which could be confidential information. Then again this can come with a sense of pessimism. Defeat can come in situations where there is out of control behavior that can lead a person to self-destructive behavior. This can also indicate over-indulgences can be destructive. People can feel tested or even tempted due to emotional pain.

CAPRICORN: Situations where partners can feel held or limited by one another. Relationships in general could cause people to feel antisocial. There could be more responsibilities and restrictions. Things that are out of your control are causing you to ask yourself, “Why me God?” Expenses are also featured. This can be a good time to get away and withdraw. Time could be spent dealing with or checking websites. The fact that you are dealing with lies can be oppressive. Being home and with family is featured and could be where you might feel the best.

AQUARIUS: This month features beginnings and that includes new goals. Health or health matters are also featured. There could be questions or missing information regarding a faulty perception. Being alone or doing things on your own also comes into play this month. Be wary of over-reactions, whether yours or someone else, particularly related to sad or serious situations. Body awareness will come to your attention and this can include propaganda related to the body. Surprises can happen in the evening hours.

PISCES: On-going financial issues can be related to something you believe to be true, but is not what you thought. Prospects at this time may not look so good. At times it may be that you just don’t seem to have any energy. At other times you just don’t know what to do or how to proceed. This can complicate situations and add to the intrigue. In order to be productive it will be important to think logically. Astrology could also come to your attention. Cleaning up is another way you feel productive this month.

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