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A little bit of Optimism! Jupiter went into Sagittarius November 8, 2018

November 14, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

With all the negativity of today it is good to know that Jupiter an optimistic energy is entering the sign of Sagittarius. Where Jupiter is it’s strongest. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. There is generally a great deal of optimism as a result. Jupiter is also about matters related to the 9th house. This would include things like “higher education” and religious views/philosophies. A downside here is that there can be a tendency to become to righteous when it comes to personal philosophies or religious views. One issue is the fact that at the moment we have a great deal of religious zealots involved in politics, something the forefathers didn’t want to see when they set up the constitution. (They added in a clause about the separation of church and state.) So there is one area that come to our attention in the next two years while Jupiter journeys through Sagittarius.

Jupiter is known for opening doors to new opportunities. But it is not so much that Jupiter brings these things but more the fact that the attitude of the individual is such that they are able to create there own opportunities. With that said it is easy to just feel good and not do anything. Being a bit lazy and lackadaisical is also a side effect of the optimistic energy. Over-indulgences of all kinds are also possible with this optimism. Again people just feel so good then tend to go over-board and that can also include things like over-spending. Putting this together can indicate a very good and expensive holiday ahead. Jupiter in Sagittarius is very generous and likely holiday gift giving could follow suit.

Jupiter is also about all things foreign. There could be a great deal of attention paid to what is going on in other places all over the world. The fact that Jupiter is in Sagittarius can also indicate a greater interest in what is happening in other places and how those events can affect us here. Since this is a world transit, Jupiter into Sagittarius, other countries too will be showing a greater interest in what is going on. Jupiter in Sagittarius can literally show us just how small the world really is and how things going on in different places can have a direct affect on what is happening here. The problem here is what to believe? Can you believe all that you hear? And what aren’t you hearing? Jupiter can also add to our curiosity and our need to know.

Though Jupiter is considered a beneficial planet it can still bring it’s own problems and issues because as we are taught in astrology no energy is all good or all bad. Too much of anything, even good things can still lead to excess and negativity. Jupiter can also bring change, particularly as it runs through Sagittarius. But the changes though we hope are positive or lead to positive outcomes, we all still need to be careful of being overly optimistic and wary that are expectations don’t exceed the possibilities. Taking it slower and being more aware of the direction one needs to go can ensure the success that is necessary to improving the situation, whatever it is. This a great time to go back to school, take up a cause and create the change you would like to become.

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