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Sun and Moon sitting at 15.11 Scorpio is in the Aries Point:

November 3, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

The fact that the Sun and Moon are in the Aries Point can indicate a great deal going on in the world at large, making this a great time to look at the Aries Point and how it will affect us. There is pretty much information here so I will limit how much without I hope affecting the theme.

Starting off with the fact that an asteroid Delbruck (Lie) and the asteroid (Truth) both make an appearance so the question of who is telling the truth and who is lying could be an issue in one form or another. Strategies and planning (Pallas) related to something that is deteriorating (Melpomene), maybe even trying to find shortcuts (Hack) can really bring shame, embarrassment even humiliation (Schamp). One has to ask what is this all teaching me? (Mentor) Could the lies and truth dynamic be a part of a mentor situation? By not speaking out (Hidalgo) could lead to (Schamp) humiliation.

Mercury is also part of this axis so Sun/Moon = Mercury. News can communication are highlighted and with that said, “What do you believe?” Certainly any time we are given bad information it puts us in a position of being vulnerable. News is highlighted so there is a great deal of it. But realize that Mercury is also a trickster, not always to be believed. With (Hidalgo) the fact that someone didn’t speak out could be why the truth is illusive. Surely it will be an exciting time in the news.

Since (Hack) shortcuts are retrograde it can indicate that things that look like short cuts will not be. Often they will not bring the expected results. When something is retrograde it doesn’t “act” like it should. It can indicate that some shortcuts are anything but. It can also be that “shortcuts” (Hack) is also related to (Delbruck) lies and the (Truth).

The fact that this axis also brings in the Midheaven/Kronos midpoint would indicate that authority figures and superiors will figure in prominently. Is the news that we get from those in charge telling us the truth? Are we as people asking enough questions? Are we speaking up? What have we learned in life, through our teachers? The fact that (Pallas) is there makes one ask if the need to please others is stronger then the need to tell the truth. All of this makes a bad situation worse, so whether it is in your professional life or in your daily life this energy is going to touch your life, even it is just something you read in the newspaper.

Since for many this energy also relates to our future (Midheaven) and our own credibility (Kronos). When we don’t see through the lies there can often be a sense of humiliation. In this life can be a great teacher. (Mentor)

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