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November 7, 2018 New Moon Predictions:

November 3, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt


ARIES: This month will take come planning and strategy and part of that plan should include being good to those who are in your charge. There is a need to be mindful of boundaries particularly as you are dealing with loved ones. Animals or pets could be highlighted this month. Be wary of those who smile as there could be something that smile is covering up. Medical matters will come to your attention. In some cases it can be those who use their state of health as a way prove their credibility.

TAURUS: The awareness that people in business tend to be pretenders. The same could be said for those times when you are super nice when dealing with a service personnel but inside you are not happy. Attention could be paid to big business that deal with vehicles. Then again watch for those times when complaining can get out of hand. It also mentions times when partners will seem self-absorbed. This is also a month then problems get solved.

GEMINI: It will be tough to persevere through the many interruptions you seem to be experiencing and even causing this month. The real victory could be in finding short cuts, some of this could have to do with the computer. For those who might smoke this month there could be a pressure due to being addicted, or held captive by the habit. One issue that could be to blame is the need for more structure. It also seems that “odd” couples could come to your attention. You could even ask yourself a time a two what do people have in common?

CANCER: Mistakes or even issues from the past could be a blow to your ego this month. Children could also be featured here. It will also be important to “pay attention” this month to those in charge as well as those you might serve or whom serve you. Mistakes or past issues related to authority figures will feature prominently. One lesson you could be learning this month is to “speak out.” This might be particularly true when making new connections or contacts.

LEO: Sometimes it can feel that you are being pressured by inner voices. It is important to have compassion, not just for others but for yourself. This is a time when it is important to listen to your gut. There could be addiction issues causing you concern but it can simply be that something is out-of-control. At this point in time it may be good time to take up prayer. Even if you think things look bad it is more likely it is not as bad as you think. As a matter of fact, things are not likely to go as you thought they would.

VIRGO: This is a time of pondering, though it is possible this pondering could cause others to feel provoked. Wondering and pondering could also be causing things to go more slowly. It could also feel at times that your mind is working backwards or thoughts come out wrong. There could be a lot going on that you are not yet aware of, health matters are featured. On some level there is “justice” with regard to a health matter. So those who may have let themselves go could be paying a price now. This is also a time of a great deal of messages, many feeling destined.

LIBRA: Competitive/selection/rejection events and matters will come to your attention. Strategy, planning and the ability to “please” others will at times be a focus. It will also be important to make sure that you or anyone you know becomes a scapegoat for something or someone else. Risk will be required this month, there is also a sense that things are what they are, so taking that risk can be important. But will also be important that you or others remain conscious. Be wary of those who are so clever as to let the consequences of their actions fall on the shoulders of others, particularly related to money!

SCORPIO: There are so many things going on right now, part of the result is that some things will have to be done over again. The Internet, websites and media in general are also highlighted this month. At one point there could be a learning process related to finding out the truth. Unfortunately truth can also relate to things that are in decline. With that said this is good time for you Scorpio with the Sun and Moon in your sign, you can use your confidence to start new ventures. But it also talks of how you can end things just by giving a “look.”

SAGITTAURIUS: Some factors in life can make a person feel very defeated at times causing a person to be tempted to refer to take self-destructive behaviors or actions. At the last minute there could be news that relates to getting or receiving help at what appears to be the final hour. There could also be a tendency toward “anti-social” behavior either related to the family or home or because of it. This is particularly true if there is a tendency toward bullying or being bullied. This can also be associated with partners and partnerships.

CAPRICORN: Life can feel over-whelming at times, but it is just the Universe asking you to take responsibility. This month web-sites are highlighted. It can also be important to take some time off for health reasons, even if just a mental health day. Work and goals are taking a great deal of your focus right now. But the goals and work will create changes. There are also some questions that will come up as things are not what they were when something began. Sometimes even when we want to really believe something it is better if we can deal with it as it is, particularly health matters.

AQUARIUS: There is an ability to sustain energy and efforts with regard to long range goals. Maintaining excitement is key! But this is also a time of holding in those strong emotions, particularly anger, and maintaining control. Serious and even sad situations tend to cause their own chaos and this can be it’s own issue. Be wary of over-reactions, you could learn things this month that will take you by surprise. Body awareness is also strong this month and much of what is going on can and will affect you physically. Nighttime is a good time to just “get away from things.” So take time to relax.

PISCES: Sometimes it is the memories of the past that can cause things to be unclear or there is an unclear aspect to one’s memories. Often it will be the fact that things are complicated and filled with intrigue. Logical thought will be important when it comes to dealing with situations that are not doing well. It will be important to look at those ideas or lies that we tell ourselves will make us better. Astrology and other scientific forms of seeing the future are highlighted as well this month. The fact that some people don’t believe the rules apply to them can also be a real downfall this month.

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