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The USA’s Pluto Return: (27 degrees of Capricorn)

October 22, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

There is a great deal of material out there regarding the US’s Pluto return. A brief description of what we know about Pluto is that is relates to “things that are out of our control.” Pluto represents those slow changes that can be not only difficult but monumental in changing lives. Pluto as an energy is very intense. The loss of control can have a strong affect on an individual, but now we can to see how it relates to a whole country. This will take place over the next several years. Right now Pluto is at 18 degrees of Capricorn and the US Pluto is 27 degrees of Capricorn and this falls into the country’s second house or the house of value and worth. Right now Pluto has already entered that second house and is well on it’s way to a direct hit.

The sign of Capricorn is about our structures. Remember Capricorn is associated with Saturn (It’s ruler). Saturn is about structure and discipline as well as things like executive or managerial abilities. It gives one the idea of what our structure values, what is it that the people consider of value. What makes the US worthy? This is a time of reckoning on some level as if things have not been done well they are more likely to fall apart. The question as to what Americans value is now up for question. Making it no surprise that the rise of the Socialists are making a stronger mark. Capitalism now has to show how it has been of value to the people. The South Node is also heading to this point and this will have people questioning how they got here.

The fact that the South Node is coming is not helpful because it will require that the US answer for some bad Karma. Recently with all this division going on there has been a South Node return. Some say that with the South Node here it speaks to the fact that many of the wealthy here in the US got that way off the backs of others. (The fact that slavery was in full-force is an accurate description.) The question we need to ask is if that is still going on? When you think about what CEOs make compared to the worker we can see that things have not changed that much. But the fact that the US adores the rich is also symptomatic of this Capricorn Pluto. Our culture puts the wealthy on a pedestal. This is not a good thing since those are the same people who then feel entitled. When they feel entitled whey don’t feel they have to follow the same rules as the rest of the people.

As this Pluto returns comes closer we are being asked to look at our value system. The result is generally change. A change in what American’s value? Or the fact that what was once of great value is not worthy any longer! If there is a tendency to value money above all else (and Pluto does represent things like debt) the second house is also expenses. The fact that the country is in such debt is going to be a “huge” factor. Certainly it will not be an easy fix and the increasing divide is another subsequent symptom. None of this is going away any time soon, Pluto still has a couple of years till the direct hit but look out when it comes. The fact that the government is going to be desperate for money is going to be the cause of some very bad decisions. Some are worried about war, because when governments feel that desperation financially, they often go to war. Only this day an age that may or may not work. So it will be interesting to see. But the fact that the land that is now the USA was taken from the Indians and the fact that the slave markets was the basis of how they make their money does leave some heavy karma to be played out. The time to pay up is now! Could it even be the rise of the “down trodden” and a rebellion of those who want to see things change? A war? A revolution? A rebellion? Only time will tell~ But it does beg the question, “What do you value.”

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