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Venus Retrograde:

October 11, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Here we are again, it seems like not long ago we were in a Venus retrograde and here we are again. This Venus Retrograde started October 5, 2018 at 10.50 Scorpio and will continue to appear to be going backward until November 16, 2018 when it will station at 26.04 degrees of Libra.

First let’s talk about what it means to be retrograde. When something is retrograde it means that from our perspective here on earth, the planet appears to be going backward. For Venus this happens approximately every 2 years. When a planet appears to be going backward it is said not to work in it’s normal way. So with Venus we will be looking at things like relationships and finances. But it also things like art, kindness, compliments and beauty in general. Venus is ruled by Taurus, which is the opposite of Taurus, so obviously not a strong place to be, while Venus is exalted in Libra the other half of the retrograde.

This is interesting from the perspective that it entails two signs. Both being very different in their expression. It begins the retrograde in Scorpio an energy that literally strives for and believes in the perfect union when it comes to their relationships. There is a tendency to be too intense and in relationships this can manifest as possessiveness and jealousy. Now this is a world energy so it can show up in any relationship and that includes those relationships that are based on finances. Let’s face it anyone can become nasty when money is involved. At this time people will tend to take things too personally. This will be particularly true if someone is betrayed or disillusioned. At other times this can indicate periods of time when people will seem cold or distant. There is such a sensitivity with this energy it can bring on this need to protect oneself.

All of this indicates that for at least the first half of the retrograde will feel intense and people can be touchy. But remember this is all related to finance and insecurity. Often these two go together. Things financial as well as relationships are not going the way we thought or even hoped. Venus is in a retrospective period it is more a time to hunker down or if you are taking on new projects it will be with the understanding that it may cost you a lot before there are any returns. This alone can make some very insecure. The same can be said for relationships. It is better to get rid of the residual resentments and issues related to old relationships then it is to begin a new one that could come with a mess of issues. During a retrograde it is more likely you will put more into something that you might get back. Sometimes this is only appropriate.

As Venus moves back toward Libra a sign it is much stronger in there will still be times when it is will be important to remain diligent with it comes to love and money. Watch over spending, particularly if you are shopper when things get upset in the relationship. In the energy of Libra there could be more tendency to make yourself feel better by going shopping, but what you buy you are not likely to feel satisfied with and in the end you might even take it all back. In some ways the affects of the Libra part of the retrograde might be more harder because the energy of Venus is stronger. At this point there will be many who will want to avoid the retrograde energies or they are simply want to immerse themselves in something more pleasant, that is where the impulse shopping might come in. Whatever you do, when in shopping situation it might be better if you can wait until after November 16th to make your purchase, that way you can be sure that you want and or need it.

It will be tough to resist those beautiful things but remember during the retrograde there is a tendency to pay to much for things or as I mentioned, you might no longer find that object beautiful.

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