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Sun and Moon – Neptune =Aries Point

September 30, 2018

by Colleen Schmidt

From the New Moon of October 8, 2018

This Aries Point this month we have the Sun/Moon connection across the dial from Neptune. The confusion of Neptune will affect the Sun (our desires and drives) as well as the Moon (our emotional security.) At the time I am writing this the US is being hit by Florence, Neptune also stand for water and it makes me wonder if we won’t be knee deep in issues related to flooding.

Breaking down the planets Neptune is in Pisces. It is actually very strong here as Neptune is ruled naturally by the sign of Pisces. With Neptune here you have both the highest use of this energy (Compassion, Sympathy and the ability to feel for others who are less fortunate) along with the lowest (Confusion, Deception, Lies, Illusion.) To think over the next month we are likely to see example of all the above. We are also likely to experience all of these feelings ourselves from time to time. With Neptune being our lack of clarity the Sun being our drive, it can make it hard to know exactly what direction you are suppose to follow. With the Moon you might not know how you are suppose to feel or if what you are find emotional security from is actually secure?

The Sun and Moon are both in Libra. In Libra there is more of a tendency to be indecisive in our energy as well as decision making. With the Sun in Libra there could be more tendency to follow the lead of others which lends itself to the Neptune idea of helping others. Libra energy is not aggressive or assertive, there is a tendency to give in just so not to struggle with another. In aspect to Neptune there could be opportunity for one person to take advantage or deceive another, since no one really wants to make waves. But then the question becomes “Is this going to make me feel more emotionally secure?”

Libra Moon is then very sensitive to the feelings of others, particularly those around us. Conflicts of any kind can be very disruptive and upset people. Right now it is important for people to get approval from others. This is a great energy for the upcoming election. Politicians are always seeking the approval of their constituents. Both the Sun and Moon are in positions where they will tell people what they want to hear because they don’t want the conflict and yet can we believe them with Neptune in the mix. The fact that motives will not be clear is also a given with this energy as the Sun is affected by Neptune making the directions of some underhanded. The other side of the coin is that this can also be a time of great compassion and sympathy. The fact that there is a need to consider the feelings and issues of others, particularly those less fortunate is another great use of the energy, even if there is a lack of clarity for a time.

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