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New Moon Predictions for October 8, 2018 11.46 PM

September 30, 2018

by Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: This may not be your time of the year, it would be a better time for reflection. Things just don’t seem to be working they way you hoped they would. There can be several situations that feel difficult at times you can even feel “hounded” by others. It will be important to have good boundaries when dealing with those you love or those closest to you. You might also want to watch out for those whose smile can be deceiving. It is helpful to treat those around you with kindness, particularly those who might work for you.

TAURUS: So many things are going on this month and often it will feel that you need to have more hands and legs just to get through the day. For you too things don’t seem to be your way. The fact that things can be unpredictable only adds to the fact that you too can be unpredictable at times. All the changes can give more freedom eventually, it is just getting from point A to B that can be difficult. It will be important to stay focused on your work and goals. Realize also in business people can be good at pretending.

GEMINI: People tend to be very focused in themselves and there is excitement as a result. This could be particularly true in partnerships. This month also features things like complaints or complaining, which can result in the need to ultimately solve problems or issues. Interruptions and disruptions are also featured and at times they can lead to problem solving. One of the issues will be the fact that people don’t “fit” or they are too different from each other. Situations where there is a little too little and a little too late can put people into humiliating situations.

CANCER: News and receiving news is featured this month, but it will be important to listen to your gut in order to process what you are hearing and whether it is believable. Watch too for those situations where people are not speaking out because of their pride. This too will bring it’s own issues. Being of service or using service people is highlighted. For you Cancer paying attention and remaining alert are very important as some of the news you are dealing with may not be accurate or as the result of others not speaking up information could be missing. Mistakes made by authorities also could play a role.

LEO: The fact that things seem to be going so slowly will have you and others pondering. There may be information that is not yet known. The fact that things have to be done in pieces can also add to the seriousness of the situation. Siblings could be featured this month. There is also a good bit in here about money and remembering issues related to money. This is also a good time to make connections that ultimately can help increase finances or your pay in particular. Be wary of things that are “out of control” and that includes things like working too much.

VIRGO: Much of what is going on right now feels destined. There could be a strong sense that on an intellectual level you are not able to use the knowledge you have. Messages and news are featured as well as the need to take the “plunge.” This month also features dreams some of which might be unsettling, some causing you or others to loose some sleep. In some cases a child could be causing this or going through it.

The month also features credibility and how people and how credible they are shows in and through their face.

LIBRA: At times you could feel very badgered by clever people who seem to always stick others with their “stuff.” At times this will feel very difficult and “testy.” Lies are an issue this month. Particularly in situations where people are being of service to others will open opportunities for people to mislead each other. The result of this can cause some pain. With all that said it can be a good month for new beginnings. In some cases a time to do something over again. Computers are highlighted here. Keep a close eye on money as there can be some confusion in this arena.

SCORPIO: A real lesson right now is to understand how to stop or put an end to dependencies, whether it is you depending on someone else or someone who is depending on you. Even though there could be temptation, it can only lead to trouble. The chart also features privacy with regard to money and relationships. There could also be a feeling of pending gloom. You might notice healing that helps people end self-destructive behavior..Addictive behavior is highlighted and those who have “out of control” issues. For some it could relate to drugs and alcohol but others it could be “over working” or work-a-holic tendencies.

SAGITTARIUS: Prejudice will come to your attention and what prejudice can do. No matter how Fair people try to be, there is likely to still be emotional pain. Be wary of situations where people are bullied to the point where they feel they are being held for ransom. Partnerships, particularly the husband and wife relationship and the issues related to these relationship come into focus as there are aspects of the situation that are just necessary evils. Lies can be destructive right now. Web-sites figure prominently.

CAPRICORN: Restrictions and burdens will have you asking the question, “Why God me?” It will be important to stay focused on work or goals. Even though there will be times as a result where others will find you to be cold and distant. There could be some questions regarding a sad or difficult situation. Just be wary because in order to deal with the unknown some will, “Fake it till they make it.” There could be some false or faulty perceptions, particularly related to those who are traveling alone. Pay attention to your health and how your body is affected in new and developing situations.

AQUARIUS: Be wary of over-reactions they can be destructive whether you or someone else. This month features times when you will feel oppressed as though timing is off. So take the time to reflect on your life and your direction. It just feels like there are so many serious situations going on and things feel so chaotic. Even in the nighttime things are not as relaxing as they should be. You can’t believe everything you hear, even the most exciting stories will be filled with exaggeration. There is also a focus on the body or body awareness.

PISCES: Lack of clarity can make things get so complicated it can lead to self-destructive behavior, so can relying how things were done in the past. There are many issues that will not be resolved, at least not now, related to money and financial matters. It will be important to try and remain logical in your thinking. Computer issues are possible this month and if you are dealing with computer issues, they too will not be easily resolved. This is a month when you can be productive in clearing or cleaning things up. Just be wary of those little lies we tell ourselves because we think they will make us happy.

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