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Kronos running with Hades!

September 20, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Today’s article has been an on-going transit something that has been in play since 2011 so there is much here that will have shown up in each of our lives from time to time. Back in September of 2010 Hades hit the Aries Point, so things going on related to Hades (destruction, denigration, illness, ills of the past and history in general) are coming to the attention of the world. So during 2010, though these two were not yet in aspect to one another Hades has come to the Aries Point allowing the world to understand more of the nuance of Hades.

Hades and Kronos are both in the sign of Cancer. Those with strong Cancer energies might be more aware of this conversation, but then again so can any planet that is in aspect to that degree of Cancer. (Presently Hades at 8 degrees and Kronos at 11) They are getting closer and will from time to time affect an individual due to falling on an angle whether a lunar or solar return. At these times we are generally more aware of what this energy means. Cancer is a sign associated with the domestic situation, as Cancer is ruled by the Moon. There is a sense of security related to the energy of Cancer. Kronos is authority figures, it is the idea of credibility and validity. Kronos often represents those in charge. With the two energies together the mistakes, or the past of an official can have an affect on the security of others.

In a very direct sense this energy is associated with criminals or the other extreme, Doctors. Hades can represent disease in conjunction with Kronos for authority. Therefore an authority on illness and for many people this will be exactly that, trips to the doctor. But realize like with all authority figures there is also a possibility that “mistakes” can be made by those in charge, that can also include Doctors. The “history” of officials and authority figures will also strongly figure in most events. This is something that will be going on well after 2030 when they finally conjunct.

The fact that we are dealing with “MeToo” and other related groups, coming together to point out those in charge were taking advantage of their positions to ridicule or harass others. This is one way Kronos and Hades are expressed. It is not surprising this is going on, these Transneptunians are presenting the opportunity. It can be a reminder that humanity evolves through the understanding that there is a need to look at these issues and what it means to use one’s position to take advantage of others. Unfortunately it will take a long time until this aspect is past. My personal opinion on this matter is it is important to the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

From what we are taught it takes 2-4 hundred years to make a change with regard to an Age. The age of Pisces which we are leaving behind is an age where people looked up to those entities they felt where better then themselves. They not only looked up to those entities but they depended on them and often putting themselves into positions of being taken advantage of.

Even religious leaders took political advantage of that mentality doing things like changing the bible 500 years after Christ in order to take advantage of the masses and keep the people as “sheep.” Any idea to empower the individual was shut down. With the dawning of the age of Aquarius (including the idea of technology) people are all about empowering themselves and the idea of transparency becomes a bigger deal. People no longer need to be lead in the same way they were lead back in the age of Pisces. They are more evolved and more self-aware and becoming more so all the time. Thus the idea of Kronos/Hades is that authorities and officials and the manner of what they’ve done in their past as well as their credibility will be important. Pointing out that an authority figure is not always what they present to the public.

On a whole other level a recent announcement by New York University Medical School is allowing those that make it in to attend tuition free. The fact is we need more doctors there are just not enough of them and those who are practicing are stretched so thin they increase their possibility of making mistakes. This news too really speaks to the Hades/Kronos going on right now. Though this is a pretty nasty combination it is necessary to the prospect of “cleaning house.” This is a vital part of our creating a better internal infrastructure.

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