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Florence: A look at a storm through the Eyes of Astrology

September 12, 2018

B092y Colleen Schmidt

My teacher (Martha Lang-Wescott) sent a message for astrologers to look at the storm through astrology. There are so many asteroids that apply making this a fun project. She pointed out many connections and most importantly the fact that this will indeed be a deadly storm.

There is so much detail on this and yes, as predicted by the weather predictions it will have heavy winds and lots of flooding. This is also a wonderful time to look at some of the many aspects playing out through this storm.

First of all there is a Storm asteroid and those of us who work with asteroids know the importance of using the name that fits what is going on. Storm sits at 24.18 Cancer and it falls in the Admetus (Land)/Sun (day) midpoint. Making this a storm that comes onto the land. **This point along with others can also be an indicator of where the Storm will finally land. The name of the storm is also important (Florence) 19.47 Virgo. The fact that Florence is sitting right on the Sun at 19.40 Virgo is also very telling. These are just the tip of the iceberg on this event.

Asteroids that can be used for flooding or water are also important. Poseidon the asteroid (5.11 Aquarius Retrograde) as well as Poseidon (12.26 Scorpio)the Transneptunian are two points Poseidon (TNP) is also trine Neptune another water indicator at 14.56 Pisces. That 5 degree Aquarius point is across the dial from the Orpheus/Sphinx/Saturn. So we have water where there are questions or much information we don’t have (Sphinx) this creates a great deal of restrictions and burdens (Saturn) in dealing with sadness or a sad event (Orpheus). My teacher also points out there could be missing people with the Orpheus/Sphinx conjunction. The question here is whether or not these missing people are dead.

Another flood factor is Admete the asteroid conjunct Atlantis (another water factor) both are sitting at 29 degrees of Libra. This tells us there is a great deal of water (Atlantis) on the ground or land (Admetus). Atlantis is also a sense of “gloom and doom.” Making us realize the extent of the damage that can result from the inundation of water. Again are so many other points that also show up here.

Winds are another factor and again they are in there. Boreas (winds) at 23.54 Sagittarius is conjunct Siva (destruction). Telling us that these winds will be destructive. The fact that Admetus (the Transneptunian) (land) is sitting at 1.22 Gemini Retrograde squaring 2 degree Virgo Aeolia (Wind) is another factor indicating wind factors on land. It also reminds us that we are in storm season (Siva=seasonal).

There is so much more in here that I am personally hoping that people heed the advice to evacuate. It will be deadly and destructive with so many astrology hits to confirm this these are but a few. But it also shows that astrology is in everything, it is everything that happens in life and in the world. Our job as astrologers is to learn to read it and understand how these things connect and what they mean when they do.

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