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Predictions from the Aries Point in the New Moon dated September 9, 2018

September 3, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Looking once again at the Aries Point for some predictive insights for the world at large. Since the Aries Point is the world stage it makes the easiest way to study the asteroids and how they play a role and add detail to what is going on. For more information on the Aries Point or working with a dial check out the video clip at

From the Aries Point we can see through the asteroid (Volcano) that there is a great deal of pressure or feelings of “have to.” Since it is running with (Hack) for shortcuts there could be pressure to find shortcuts. (Sphinx) tells us that there are questions or unknown information. Since (Sphinx) is also running with (Orpheus) so the questions are regarding something sad or a situation that brings tears. In another situation it could be the fact that shortcuts (Hack) that leave many questions. (Hack) can also relate to computers. But the fact that the news and media might be filled with stories of how sad situations will bring a great deal of pressure. We only need to look at the flooding and fire situations on both sides of the country to make this connection. The (Sphinx) question of how one goes on from here. So much could be said about this set of asteroids alone but lets add a few more.

Mercury also falls at the Aries Point so there is something about news. Mercury is associated with communications, young people, siblings, short distance commutes just to name a few. If we only add Mercury we could be discussing the fact that kids are back at school. In the case of some kids it will be sad (Orpheus). It is the end of summer. Then again with the Marjorie Stoneman School in Florida or the shooting of young people in an arcade over a game, sadness goes to a whole new level. Obviously situations such as this add a great deal of (Volcano) pressure.

With (Mony) the news could be associated with money as (Hera) is also in the lineup there may be a questions (Sphinx) about fairness (Hera) or expenses (Hera). Still in some cases people might feel there is an issue of (Karma) at play. With all that natural disasters the country is seeing surely there will be a (Sphinx) question about (Mony). The costs (Hera) will be staggering. Parents sending kids back to school will also be dealing with (Mony) issues and (Hera) costs.

(Compassion) is also in there and it may be the best way to handle much of what is going on. It could be that someone is questioning (Sphinx) another’s (Compassion) or in some cases the lack of compassion. With (Melete) there will be much in the news and media for us to ponder, (Melete). Finally with (Achilles) retrograde there could be weaknesses that will be made obvious and even reflected on since retrogrades tend to act a bit different in that they can be more retrospective (Stockholm) is also retrograde, again a reflection of how some people need to be “bullied” and “beaten” by others, or at least it will seem so. Put that with (Achilles) weakness is that we have to (Stockholm) learn the hard way. The reality that people in general only learn from those things that are difficult. That one needs to suffer pain before they can evolve and learn and through it all discover (Compassion).

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