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New Moon Predictions for September 9, 2018

September 3, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: It is possible that you are not feeling very connected to all that is going on around you. It seems to be a time of reflection. Times are changing and important decisions and turning points are featured. Right now it is more likely to be productive when doing things outside the box. Strategy and planning could play an important role in order to navigate around situations that seem to be getting worse.

TAURUS: There will be those situations that can be unpredictable in some cases you yourself can tend to be unpredictable and impulsive. At times your own attitude will be to “just do it.” This will be particularly true when it comes to work or goals where you will focus much of your energy this month. Watch out for expenses there could be some confusion here. There could also be some attention paid to the business of a partner.

GEMINI: Interruptions and disruptions can be a thing this month. You could be focusing on the solution of problems particularly where there are complaints. There will be some success in finding shortcuts but success for some situations will require pressure or they come with that sense of “have to.” Situations that are our of control will come to your attention. Sometimes things are worse because people don’t fit or they are involved in odd pairings.

CANCER: It is important to pay attention and mentally focus this month. Mistakes can be made and this will be true even of the experts. It is also likely that someone is purposely not telling the whole truth. Having compassion for others can make you feel better about yourself. Payments are also featured this month as well as the idea of addictions and behavior patterns that are out of control. Issues from the past can affect someone’s credibility.

LEO: This is a time to make some new contacts and connections. There can also be some added pressures or “have tos.” It can feel like things are going so slowly particularly those more “serious” situations. When it comes to money there could be some missing information or things are are not yet known. You also seem to be pondering things such as just rewards and destiny. Parent/Child issues could come to your attention as well this month.

VIRGO: There could be some strategy related to authority figures as well as one’s own credibility. Dreams could come to your attention evening waking you up during the night. Pay attention to your intuition as well as your dreams right now. This month also features news that comes quickly and can involve some kind of risk, at the very least this news will require a decision on your part. The idea of selection/rejection and competition comes to your attention right now.

LIBRA: Money seems to cause some issue this month. There is a desire to successfully stop a dependency. Parent/Child relationships will come to your attention. The truth is very important this month as it could relate to confidential information. The truth can also cause one to be more pessimistic in situations where there is a great deal one must endure. Some things will just have to be done over again and this too can make one feel pessimistic.

SCORPIO: Things will be revealed to you this month. Endings can be particularly important. Watch out for spending, there will be many compliments coming your way. Helping others who can be self-destructive is also featured. Bullying that happens between spouses will also come to your attention. Bullying tends not only to be humiliating but destructive. Prejudices can make a person feel isolated and thus leads to anti-social tendencies.

SAGITTAURIUS: Taking some times away from your work can be beneficial. Life can feel very heavy with Karma right now. Pay attention to your health and health matters. Issues related to a house or building will also come to your attention. Web-sites and checking in with web-sites will be featured. Lies will also come to your attention but a lie can ultimately light up a path to the real truth. Work in general can make you ask yourself “Why God Me?”

CAPRICORN: There could be some questions regarding a difficult or sad situation. Faulty perceptions or ideals will come to your attention particularly as it relates to restriction or responsibility. The fact that people can be good at pretending will come to your attention. It will be important to pay attention to your health, at times taking time to go off on your own can be helpful. Surprises particularly related to your heath can your Achilles Heel.

AQUARIUS: Low energy is likely right now. It is not easy to make connections. In some cases, it is time to find a new way! Over-reactive behavior will be highlighted, and it won’t always be very obvious. What can make things more difficult is what is and isn’t really known or understood. Overall days will be chaotic and scattered, early mornings as well as the evenings can be the toughest time. There could also be more attention to the body or body awareness.

PISCES: It feels like the only way to stimulate others into action could be to yell at them. At times you too will find that you don’t have the excitement or energy to stay with projects or situations. The fact that things are not clear or clean cut can make them confusing and complicated. Memories of the past will come to your attention as well as the memories of those times when what you thought would be it, was not it! The fact is not all memories are accurate.

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