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The Sun in the Aries Point August 30, 2018

August 30, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

During the evening the Sun will cross the 7.30 degree of Virgo. This is one of the points on the Axis for the Aries Point (Both the Dial and the Aries Point articles can be found on the website).

This is always a great time to look at this predictive method and learn a bit more about the asteroids and how they affect us. Today both Astraea and Urania fall there and it is no surprise that this post is being written as Urania rules astrology. Astraea because there is a visual look at what is going on. It is also telling us that things are not going to be resolved. This is an article that is a part of an on-going series of articles. Such a perfect description. Urania is also the idea of logical thinking and the fact that it comes with the asteroid Astraea tells us that even logical thinking will not resolve things. The fact is that Urania and Astraea are both retrograde or they appear to being going backwards. That indicates they will not act the way we expect them to. Logical thinking is not what one expects and perhaps resolutions are not what they seem. When energy is retrograde it doesn’t act like it’s usual self.

When you throw the asteroid Ganymed in there it brings up the idea of being of service or of those who are involved in the business of serving others. Helena brings up the idea of being held captive. No doubt serving others or even having others be of service to you can at times feel like you are being held captive.

The planet Venus as well as Truth are there as well. This all brings up the idea of the truth about relationships and times when that truth can also apply to finance and no matter how logical you try to think it through, the situation is not resolved. All of this keep you and others working or servicing others as we are all captive to our finances and that is the bottom line truth. All is and more come through the Aries Point. It can be a great deal of fun just to play with all the ways we can use the asteroids and all they can mean for us and those around us.

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