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Chiron Begins its journey through the sign of Aries

August 9, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

As I was preparing for the next New Moon Predictions article it occurred to me that we are also looking at the transition of Chiron from Pisces to Aries. Chiron is said to represent the healer and has also been some times referred to as the first Astrologer. Chiron is also said to be a teacher as well as a pioneer. In predictive astrology, Chiron is also a turning point. During strong Chiron transits a person can literally change their live on some level. In some cases their life changes as the result of something else, such as accidents.

When Chiron was in Pisces according to Barbara Hand Clow in her book “Chiron” talks of how there is difficulty connecting with the God force. The irony of these words are the fact that Chiron in Pisces is also associated with “radicals.” It begs the question “What do people believe in?” Neptune is the ruler of Pisces energy. The need to believe in something could be strong, but not always what is traditionally accepted. With Neptune it is hard to understand and see things clearly. Since most radical religions are not at the core very religious. There is some other over-riding agenda. Some times it is more about bending the will of the people and not what the original religious forefathers had in mind. It brings to mind the idea of misdirected belief systems. Like all believe systems, there is a tendency to allow these ideas to permeate throughout other aspects of your life. Examples of this energy can be clearly seen through the acts of terrorists right down the fact that we in this country strong differences of ideals due to religious beliefs.

Now Chiron is moving into Aries the energy of the warrior. Here the energy is associated with Mars. There can be issues of identity and purpose. It can bring a sense of restlessness that is associated with the energy of Mars. The atmosphere Chiron brings as it moves to Aries is exciting and pioneering. This can mark a great period of time for those who are blazing new trails. It gives more courage to move in new directions. With discipline this is a time when individuals can have a strong affect in their world. This will obviously be seen on the world stage so it will be interesting to watch those who are forging in new directions, (this is not to say that all these new directions are for the best.) Remember we are right outside Chiron in Pisces. Whether for good or ill, people are more likely to stand up and be heard or in some cases “seen.” The fact that as it comes into the sign of Aries it is also hitting the “Aries Point” can make this more so. Hold on to your hats because it will be seen throughout the world and in things like the media. It also begs the question: “Are people getting restless?”

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