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New Moon Predictions for August 11, 2018

August 8, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: Listen to your intuition this month. Matters related to fiance will not be easily resolved or “cleaned up.” There could be situations where special circumstances could apply. Decisions have to be made and even though there are no real resolutions there can be turning points. It may be important to have good boundaries when it comes to those you love. No matter how much you might love someone some behavior is unacceptable. It will also come to your attention how protective people can be about their animals.

TAURUS: This month features sudden events or matters that create change and chaos.  Uranus the planet of Change and unpredictability is beginning it’s journey through Taurus. There is a drive or feeling, particularly revolving around situations or people you feel drawn to. A need to “just do it.” Just be mindful you or others are not too impulsive. The fact that others complain can help lead you or others to find solutions. Be careful of spending too much money, things can cost more then expected or lead to other issues that also cost.

GEMINI: The only shortcut could be to endure what is going on. There could be a situation or event that makes you feel that you or others are being held captive as situation that you feel is “humiliating.” Structure or lack of it could be to blame. The fact that people don’t speak out when they come together can allow things to get out of control. You will also tend to notice those couples and even situations where people just don’t seem to “fit.” It will also be important for you and perhaps those around you to stay alert and listen to your gut this month.

CANCER: You might continue to notice mistakes made by those in positions of authority. It could be things related to their past that affect their credibility. This month also features news that comes to you or others in a hurry. It could involve taking some kind of risk. Be careful as there can be much you or others don’t know and the fact that things are not known can also cause things to go slowly. Your intuition or the intuition of another could be accurate and yet it won’t be exactly as you or another thought it would be.

LEO: Meeting someone at the hair dresser or hair dresser appointments in general could come to your attention this month. Then again the actual hair cut or appearance of someone could help you to remember who they are. News regarding a young person or child is also featured this month. You or others could be tempted to take a plunge this month. Time to try something new. Then again this is your month and one of the best ways to take care of yourself is to use your health as a scapegoat or just the fact that you are old as a way to get out of things or meetings.

VIRGO: In order not to drive yourself or others crazy there is a sense of dealing with what you have and even finding peace about it. It will also be important for you or other to really listen to advice particularly if it relates to some kind of risk. There are some things that are just destined or meant to be. You or others could have a stronger awareness this month of those necessary evils we all have to deal with in life. Making over certain parts or your life or the life of another could be due to pain that one has to contend with right now.

LIBRA: The fact that things seem to have to be done over and over again could be the result of needing more education or training. The truth is important but with it comes the idea of excitement as well as pessimism. As if the more you or others know or the more that is revealed the worse it will be. Sometimes you or others will not know the full truth till the end. But in actuality this can also be a motivation to do something and to follow through with it. People can be dependent on one another and how that can sometimes make things difficult to endure it can also make someone feel alone.

SCORPIO: Helping others with photos or photos of people are featured this month but so is the idea that “helping” can also lead to self-destruction. Even though it will be important to be fair when it comes to dealings with others it also points out that you or others don’t want to be an unwilling victim or “patsy.” Be wary of those who would try to get their way by bulling and humiliating others. The idea that relationships particularly partnerships/marriages can be an up hill battle that can lead to humiliation will come to your attention.

SAGITTAURIUS: This month features both time away from work as well as things like working around or on a house. There could be questions about people who are not there. There can even be questions as to why someone is sad. At other times it could be you questioning “why me?” Websites or a particular website will come to your attention this month. There could be something that gets you attention on a website about a lie. Or the material itself could be false. The shining light that leads you or others through the darkness is getting away and taking time for yourself.

CAPRICORN: There can be some obvious misconceptions this month. These misconceptions can be related to structures in your life or the life of another. It could also be related to a parent or authority figure. It will also come to your attention that when people are alone on their own or when they are away from home then can be good actors. Pretending to be someone they are not. This month it will be important to be mindful of your body and your health as this can be an Achilles Heel this month. Taking time for yourself can be good for you right now.

AQUARIUS: It is hard to take direct action or make good decisions right now. At times you or those around you could feel oppressed by the timing of things. It will be important to be wary of over-reactions whether you or someone else. Some over-reactions will not be as obvious but they are over-reactions nonetheless. Things that are going on now can be serious or even sad and can cause your or others to be scattered. Early morning starts can help. There is also an awareness or focus on the body or body language this month.

PISCES: This month it may be hard to trust others they could lack clarity and perhaps they are not dealing in reality. It will still be important for you to be compassionate to others or those who are less fortunate. There can be some intrigue or complications that have to be dealt with this month. It will be important to you or others that you are not put into a position where you are made a fool of. Realize that there could be things that one recalls about the past that could be lie that you or others choose to believe.

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