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Asteroids from the Aries Point of August 11, 2018 New Moon:

August 8, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Moving back to the Aries Point to learn about some new asteroids. As mentioned in many posts prior to this one if you would like more information on either the Aries Point of the Dial, which is what we use for this work, please refer to the website at Here you will find posts are well as a Video Clip on the website.

This Aries Point is interesting in that it talks of how we may not believe (Delphi) or trust (Perkin) a smile or a person who smiles. Smiley though sounds nice can also represent times when a smile is NOT a smile particularly when it falls in the same axis as Perkin which represents a pretender. Delphi can be what is predicted. So these three asteroids are already creating a story line that we can witness is the press or outer world even if you are not personally affected.

Hidalgo is also sitting in this axis representing that which is not said. What is it that smile is NOT telling. It will be important to pay attention to your gut (Hara) when others try to do their magic (Merlin).

News (Mercury) related to children (Child) will continue to be featured. The planet Mercury which relates to news also relate to children or young people. But Mercury is also associated with “lies” or information that is not always correct. (Jupiter) can indicate good news, but is it true? Jupiter is also about foreigners and child and Mercury tell us there will continue to be news about those immigrant children who have been separated from their parents.

A note here is the fact that Mercury is retrograde. Often that can indicate delays of news as well as the breakdown of machinery (which can help with the delays.) In terms of news the fact that it is retrograde can indicate “old” news or news of situations that have already happened. This can also add to the frustration in terms of what can you believe. Jupiter is also retrograde, so be wary of stories that are exaggerated.

Though Poseidon the Asteroid and Libitina are both retrograde you are still looking at the fact that the Poseidon (Media) continues to hammer home at this (Libitina) sad situation. Don’t be surprised if you seem Poseidon (Media) of (Libitina) crying children (Child). It could even indicate more stories about children in the news.

It will be easy to feel tested at this time, as though you or others are suffering from some difficult Karma. Right now there is something that needs to stop or end and again this can apply to many things going on in the public. Needless to say there is a health asteroid here. Could there be concerns about a child’s health or well-being? Children in general and the fact that they are getting ready to go back to school. (Jupiter). OH there is so much in here but surely you will notice this as it will play out not only in your own lives but in public as well.

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