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Jupiter is dancing with Poseidon (the Transneptunian)

July 27, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Today when looking for a good topic to write about this aspect jumped out at me, literally. To start off with if you are new to the Transneptunians or (TNPs) you can get further information about all 8 on the Divination Counseling Website at: A while back I did a post for all the TNPs.

Just looking at this two points as they are running at 12-13 degrees of Scorpio. Jupiter is related the foreigners or foreign matters and with Scorpio as the sign it can be a more intense time in our dealings with foreigners. Just the fact that we are having many issues as a country with foreign matters is a good “show” of what is going on in astrology. There can be an optimism with Jupiter or an expansion but this can also be an overly confident feeling that may or may not turn out as expected. With Jupiter there is a tendency to “expect too much.” Jupiter is about taking on too much or not being able to do what was expected. Normally there can be a great deal of optimism with Jupiter but it is not something you can count on if there is not follow through.

When Jupiter is in Scorpio we are being asked if our interactions with others fair and equitable? It is also no coincidence that our president is screaming about “tariffs” which are taxes. Taxes are a great example of Jupiter in Scorpio, as are things like Insurance and Insurance companies. This can also make people “uncompromising” when it comes to what they believe or their standards. But this energy also highlights “secretes.” Strange relationships could become apparent. Legal battles are also possible because of Jupiter. Jupiter is also related to the law. The fact that there are issues with immigration and then these poor immigrants are also dealing with the legal system. So much Jupiter energy.

Since Poseidon deals with things like the media we can surely know all of this will show up in the press. In Scorpio there can be more awareness of the “ethics” and morals associated with the material that is brought up. But Poseidon is also education and clarity as well as learning and this can be an intense time for anyone who is involved in education either as a student or a teacher. Jupiter is also related to “higher education” so seeing more about colleges or academia could also be a result. Poseidon is associated with the media and in Scorpio there could be more “researched or investigative reporting” related to “foreigners” or the law both of with are related to Jupiter. The trouble is what to believe? With the energy of Scorpio could there be vendettas that we will become aware of. Again if Poseidon is clarity and education there is a good chance that the truth will be known in the end. Poseidon does have the ability to shine the light.

The fact that Poseidon is running with Jupiter is also shining a light on things that may have previously been secrete “Scorpio.” There could be an ethical or moral stance. People are motivated by what they believe in (or don’t). With Poseidon there may be more of an awareness of what is to be believed. The question being will this energy change the way we believe? Will it teach us to expand our ability to research what is true? This truth, is it in good standing with our morals or ethics? These are few of the questions people might be asking themselves.

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