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Mars, retrograde opposite Vulcanus:

July 20, 2018

by Colleen Schmidt

As we continue to cycle through these three eclipses this summer the first being the new Moon of July 12 followed by the Full Moon of July 27 and again on August 11. this has been an usual summer as a result of three eclipses rather then the normal two. By the time we get to August 11, Mars would have retrograded all the way back to 0 degrees of Aquarius. At that time Vulcanus which is has been running at 0 degrees of Leo opposite the point where Mars sits.

In the last post we looked at the fact that Retrograde Mars was in aspect with South Node. Prior to that there was also a post on Vulcanus in Leo. The link for the article on Vulcanus is…-the-sign-of-leo/

the post on Mars and the South Node

The fact that Mars is retrograde indicates passive aggressive and more indirect action. Vulcanus is about pressure and the fact that people can feel like they “have to” do something and yet the manner in which they can do that is either limited or not obvious causing even more frustration. The fact that this is part of our third eclipse can indicate that you are feeling this energy even now. It is during the actual “hit” that the energy can be resolve or the answers to the problems can be “seen.” Prior to that hit is when the frustrations and the pressures are felt the most.

For many of us there will be this sense of “we need to get busy” and yet it may be that there are not many opportunities to take action. That need persists and can cause people to become more passive aggressive in their actions. In some cases someone else is trying to coerce or compel another to action. But more often then not this feeling of “have to” is an internal compulsion. In trying to make others act or when others are trying to force you to act normally there can be a sense of combativeness. But with the retrograde those actions can tend to be more passive aggressive the tendency could be toward things like guilt or blackmail.

On a completely different level this can also deal with pain. It can be related to the difference between pressure and actual pain or discomfort. It can relate to pressure points or muscles that can be painful and here again that retrograde can make it more difficult to get to the bottom of what is causing the pain.

My teacher also points out in her work that those who could be forced into labor could also come to your attention and that can include “sex trafficking” and abducted children. This is but one area that could come to your attention but it is certainly plausible that there will be many examples of this energy combination. Since this is also part of an eclipse another question here might be “What is life asking to you let go of?” Where do you or others feel pressured to move away from some action, activity or event?

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