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Mars and the South Node

July 16, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Right now the planet Mars and the South Node are running together at 6 degrees of Aquarius. This is more interesting because it is in aspect to the 4 degrees 44 minutes Leo/Aquarius Lunar Eclipse. This puts a bit more emphasis on this point and with Mars in retrograde this can be a difficult time for just about everyone. Eclipse points can be felt weeks before the actual eclipse and these points that are hit through that eclipse can have a profound affect on our lives.

Eclipses are part of what help us to let go of things in life so that we an evolve as people. With Mars Retrograde (which means it appears for a time to be going backward.) it is not a great time to initiate new projects. It is good to finish up those old projects you have been working on for sometime, but with South Node running with it, don’t count on good timing. South Node tends to be oppressive, timing can be off in general it can just feel depressing. Sorta like running in place and getting no where!

Mars is aggressive action. It can be impulsive and productive. But when retrograde it can be difficult to make decisions, even the most decisive and direct people will tend to come off more passive aggressive. Couple that with the bad timing and near misses of the South Node it can all feel so hopeless at times. And all of this will be felt through the whole duration of the eclipse. At the time of the eclipse the Moon is the Midpoint of South Node and Mars, retrograde. All running between 3 and 5 degrees of Aquarius.

The energy of Aquarius is fixed so it tends toward action but at this point action is difficult. For each step forward there is a step back. But Aquarius energy is also objective and humanitarian and right now those qualities can add to a person’s indecisiveness. It may be hard to be objective. This energy is also asking us to look at our use of energy and ask ourselves if this is the best use of our time and energy. It asks us if we are headed in the right direction, is it the best way to get there? Any project started now could run into problems and timing difficulties.

Part of this is because we are being asked by the eclipse to look at things differently and the lesson of the Nodes is that we are to use the North Node to find the way. The North Node at the time of the Lunar Eclipse (July 27 2018) is running with the Sun and can indicate that connections can be made and the new directions can be determined, but still with Mars, retrograde there will still be time lag and delays. Not to mention some nasty passive aggressive attempts and times when indirect action is all there is all of which is not likely to be worked out until the actual “hit” of the eclipse when the Sun is close to the North Node.

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