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From the Sun Axis of the New Moon dated July 12, 2018

July 5, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Since we have been looking at the Aries Point for a few months I figured it was time to move to the Sun Axis again. Remember the Sun Axis is done on a dial and for more information on the dial check the website for the post or the video clip explaining the dial.

So the Sun and Moon are sitting at 20 degrees 41 minutes of Cancer so 20.41 Cardinal, 13 degrees 11 minutes of Fixed, 5 degrees 41 minutes of Mutable and 28 degrees 11 minutes of Mutable.  Since this is an Eclipse it will have even more meaning to those who are experiencing this energy. (Remember this is only the first of three Eclipses going on this summer.)

There is a grand cross here with the Sun and Moon, Lilith which falls with Jupiter, Ceres and Cupido, the TNP. With Jupiter in the Axis there could be optimism and expansion on some level. It could be that someone is selecting a restaurant (Ceres). On a completely different note it could be an opportunity (Jupiter) to heal a relationship between a child and parent (Ceres) within a family (Cupido). With Lilith running with Jupiter there is a sense of being selected. It also refers to gender differences when it comes to care-taking (Ceres).

On another level food (Ceres) can be the tool that people use to deal with their rejection. (Lilith) As though food (Ceres) can make a person feel better (Jupiter). Though we think of Jupiter as expansion, optimism and opportunity it is also the idea of too much. So things like over-eating (Ceres) can be an issue when relationships (Sun/Moon) do not go the way one hopes. Those feelings of rejections causing major upheaval in families as well. In relationships in general people will feel rejected (Lilith) by their partners (Sun/Moon) and they will turn to their families (Cupido) to hopefully not receive even more rejection (Lilith).

The fact that parents (Ceres) can also be rejecting (Lilith) and they can go it based on gender (Lilith) is another way this energy can manifest. The fact is that children can also reject their parents as well also fits the energy. The fact that Jupiter is in the mix can mean that someone could have an opportunity to travel or get an education and to do this could also mean separating from the parent. Oh so many ways to use this energy! How does this axis “hit” in your chart?


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