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New Moon Predictions for June 13, 2018

June 6, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: Work and production are featured this month. There could be news related to work or goals as well as the fact that jobs can have an element of danger this month. Look also to those areas of production that will require not only risk but also speed. It can also indicate that you or someone else is trying to escape responsibility. Cleaning or clearing things up will be important, as things seem to be heading downhill as a result. This month also features the fact that being nice and smiling can be a good way to treat others well, but it can be a way to avoid things!

TAURUS: Uranus is beginning it’s journey through the sign of Taurus, so you can expect that things can happen suddenly and unpredictably. This month also features the idea of bonding with others, particularly in situations where people feel “humbled or even humiliated.” Many problems and situations where people feel “captive” can be resolved through structure. It is also important to speak out and speak up this month is you want to find “shortcuts.” This is also going to be true while working with the computer or on computer issues. In the act of serving others, you or others can take a very different direction.

GEMINI: There will be those situations where you or others might not feel like “a good fit.” It could be a feeling of being stuck with something you just have to endure. As a result it will be important to stay conscious and not to be too overly concerned with one’s pride. Matters related to pay or money just seem to move so slowly this month and that alone can cause it’s own crisis. It will be important to maintain a level of compassion because there are things going on where all the information is not yet known. You will certainly feel “tested” and although intuition is on, it will not be exactly as you thought.

CANCER: News of drug or alcohol abuse can be humiliating to either you or someone close to you. There could be serious matters in a family or with siblings. It is possible there is contact with doctors. Be wary as this can also indicate errors made by those in charge or situations where a lack of judgment has caused issues. Some things are just necessary evils in life and the fact that children or a child can often be the scapegoat for a parent could also come to your attention. Messages this month can also come with the idea of “justice or just rewards.” Magnetic attractions will also come to your attention.

LEO: Selection and rejection with regard to naturalistic health practise’s. It can also be about gender related illnesses that can be alleviated though natural methods. You can make some good connections this month. There is a highlight on “wise” women in particular. Advice is also featured this month, make sure you or others are paying attention and really listening to what is said. A great deal can be learned through a wise teacher. Matters that feel “fated” can keep you awake and affect your sleep this month. Listening to your conscience can be helpful to you. Be wary of those who are clever and allow their responsibilities to fall on the shoulders of others.

VIRGO: Pain can bring chaos whether it is yours or someone else. The fact that aspects of your life or the life of someone close is going through a makeover can also contribute to the chaos. Getting up early is one way to help regulate your days. Many things going on right now will relate to having to do things over again. This month can bring opportunities if you are ready for them. One area of opportunity is related to learning something, particularly something that relates to job training or serving others. In order to get ahead it may be important not to just learn but to take on a teacher or mentor who can help you or others along.

LIBRA: That fact that people need to stop depending on others will come to your attention. Depending on others can often lead to “betrayals of privacy” but it will also bring a sense of “gloom and doom.” Things are coming together and it could be the end of a situation where you or others are on your own. But the truth will be tough to take this month as there seems to be a great deal of information that can be gained through this month. It could also come to your attention that people can be in relationships that can encourage “self-destructive” behavior and humiliation.

SCORPIO: You or others could be dealing with some low energy this month. It will also be important to pay attention to your bodies health. Anti-social behavior will also comet to your attention, whether yours or someone else. So many things seem to be going on and yet you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere. Boundaries will be important in all relationships this month. That can mean that you or others are avoiding each other. Be wary of humor that is designed to cover up that someone is hurting. This energy can also manifest as humor that can hurt another’s feelings. Prejudices of all kinds will also come to your attention right now.

SAGITTARIUS: Be careful of what you read and do on a web-site. This is a month when lies will come to your attention and that includes those lies one can read on line. Could feel like you are enduring a bit of difficult Karma this month. But with that said it is a great time to set goals associated with a house or building. Focusing on work can also be beneficial right now. There are things going on now that are leading you in a good direction, even if you don’t always feel that way. This is also a time when there can be more interaction with family members.

CAPRICORN: Asking questions and taking time to take care of yourself are important factors this month. It can feel burdensome right now will added responsibilities. It maybe important to go off by yourself when you feel overwhelmed. At those sad times you are likely to put on a happy face, but are you fooling anyone? Changes are intense right now and can make you feel powerless. But this can be due to you or someone around you having a faulty perception. Pay attention to your health particularly when you are out of your element or away from home. Be wary of being “light headed.”

AQUARIUS: Situations with the body or with health matters can be an Achilles Heel. Seasonal issues such as allergies are featured. This is a time when you might feel that you are unable to take action, timing could be off. In trying to get together with others there could be issues or even when people do manage to get together they tend to be “feisty” and even unpredictable. Over-reactions will surprise you, whether your own or someone else. Nighttime is featured as well as the idea of “lighting.” When people are sad there can be clarity that comes at night.

PISCES: It could come to your attention this month that when people are mean to each other there can be more “excitement” in the relationship. Things have a way of getting complicated right now adding to the intrigue. All of this can put people into humiliating situations. Logic can be very important due to the fact that the fact that someone believes something that is not really true can cause things to go down hill. Issues with money will not be easily resolved and seem to continue on. This is however, a good time to reflect on the past. Nostalgia can be good for you now, particularly at those times then your excitement and energy about life is waning.

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