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Banno, Erigone, Sphinx, Kron, Juno(r), Icarus and Industria all sitting on the Aries Point!

June 6, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

There are so many asteroids showing up this month at the Aries Point. This gives us many opportunities for study but it can also be very over-whelming so we will take a look at only a few. But even as I type this I want to point out that the other asteroids we may not get at today can also affect the conversations below.

To make this clear Banno (which is about partnerships and marriage in particular) is running with Erigone (destructive behavior). Along with this is the Asteroid (Sphinx) questions, or what is unknown. When you put all this together there could be some question or unknown information in a marriage or relationship regarding “destructive behavior.”

Perhaps one partner is questioning the behavior of another. There could even be questions about the marriage of an authority figure with Kron (the asteroid) thrown in the mix. Could there be questions of an authority figures destructive behavior and how it can affect a marriage. But since Kron is also associated with the idea of credibility then one might ask if this is not about whether someone’s credibility as a partner is in question. The questioning itself could be in some cases considered “destructive behavior.” So many ways to interpret this combination of four asteroids.

What makes this even stronger is the fact that Juno (also a partnerships asteroid, dealing in the idea of fairness) is also in that axis, though it is retrograde or appears to be going backwards. But it does indicate that there is a question (Sphinx) of fairness (Juno) in marriage or relationships (Juno & Banno).

Going in a completely different direction this axis also holds an Icarus (for risk and speed) as well as Industria (production/work). When you put this with the above asteroids there could be a question about the credibility of an authority figure who could be having marriage issues (that are not readily known) that could be affecting the work situation. This can also manifest as work that requires Risk and or speed. All of this situations and more are likely with this line-up of asteroids. This is only tip of the iceberg, since we only used six of the asteroids in this axis, but it gives you all an idea of how it works.

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