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Uranus in Taurus, What Can We Expect?

May 30, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Earlier in May Uranus began it’s journey through the sigh of Taurus. In light of the fact that the United States is also beginning what is referred to as it’s Pluto return, the fact that Uranus is starting its passage through Taurus at this time is significant.

Uranus is the planet of change. Change is often sudden and abrupt. Unpredictable in every way Uranus is also about freedom and what those sudden events often lead to can be very freeing. Uranus can also be an equalizer, tending to make the odds equal no matter who you are or what income bracket you fall into. Uranus is also said to bring revolution that again leads to “evolution.” Uranus breaks down structures and can feel unstable but often it leads to a stronger form of stability. Uranus in all of it’s unpredictability can be a unifier not only making people more equal but it also brings them together as a people.

The energy of Taurus is earthy and material. So it is likely changes will happen with regard to finance and what we feel about our resources. The fact that Uranus is now in Taurus is going to force us to look at what we value in life. Changes in financial structures and events that affect our resources as a country will come to our attention. The fact that the Earth is going through her own changes plays a role in all of this. But it also brings up the question of finance and money. Reforms in business and the economy will come to our attention. Just like the Earth already beginning her changes so have we seen our government begin to change their business tactics with such issues as trade and trade agreements. With this President the US is now seen as a more unpredictable element in the world. The fact that he and his administration is made up of the “very wealthy” will likely bring about not only the US’s standing in the world, but will also bring about an awareness of how this country has to change it’s value system and how money is distributed.

Another factor that Uranus rules is computers. The fact that there have already been computer hacks most often for money is another way in which Uranus in Taurus has already begun. In Taurus it is more likely we will see much more of this in the next several years. In order for outside forces to get to us as Americans, there will be an effort to hit us in our finances or areas that will affect our money. In Taurus we may actually reform these areas enough to not be so susceptible to hackers. What we feel as people will also change and become more practical when it comes to money or resources.

The fact that this is happening at the same time the US is beginning it’s Pluto return (which will affect us until 2040) is significant because as a country we are also dealing with matters and issues that will determine what we value as people. Equal rights for all is a Uranus trait and in Taurus it will come to our attention that perhaps we need to do some work here particularly in the area of money. The fact that there is such a difference between the “haves” and the
“have not(s)” is one factor. Certain structures will have to be “reformed” in order to move forward in our evolution.

Me Too” and how the police and other authorities have biases with regard to race are all areas that relate to the country’s Pluto return. These are areas where the light is shining to hopefully create the change that is necessary for us to become a stronger and better people. Because a country cannot truly be great until all people are treated equally and that includes pay! Under the Uranus in Taurus there is a chance that minimum wage could finally go up.

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