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New Moon Predictions for May 15, 2018

May 8, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: This month has you focused on your work and your goals. Being out of doors can be healthy and feel good this month. There could be attention paid to animals, both domestic and wild. Being fair will also come to your attention particular when it comes to partnerships and payments. Loved ones and partners could be pushing the limits and it may be important to keep boundaries in place. There could be so much going on this month that you or others will have to be mindful that you are not caught off guard in situations that can be humiliating or humbling at the very least.

TAURUS: Interruptions in your thoughts or in communications are likely this month. This can also manifest as traveling on a day trip and having to completely change direction. There could be a matter related to a neighbors car. It could also be that there are issues in a neighborhood that are out of control. (Maybe lots of traffic?) It will also be important to listen to your gut and pay attention to those who might have issues related to drug or alcohol or any out of control behavior. It will also be prudent to pay attention to finances. Something that was a source of pride could let you down.

GEMINI: When it comes to money and finances there could be a great deal of praying going on. Have faith. There is much you still don’t know, the information is not yet available. Even your intuition will be off a bit this month. Substance abuse issues that show up on someone’s face will also come to your attention this month. Things such as red noses or cheeks when someone drinks too much for example. Planning and strategy will be important this month. Pleasing others will be a part of that. All of this can feel very destined, and there is so much going on that can feel that way right now.

CANCER: Work is an example of a necessary evil in life and right now you are very aware of this concept. You will also be aware of those situations where a child (or the child) can be the scapegoat for some people. Just rewards are featured along with a message regarding an authority figure. Credibility is also important this month. It is also a month when you might be pondering the past and mistakes that happened in the past. This month also features advice and listening. It is also a month when you or others are willing to make peace with the way things are. Nighttime or the evenings could be highlighted.

LEO: You are charming to others right now. You are making contacts and connections all of which might require you using your brain more or staying more conscious of your actions. It could be that you are aware of those clever people who tend to the let the consequences of their actions fall on those around them. Early mornings are featured. It may be important to start early because things will feel very scattered. Websites are features or there is an activity associated with a website in particular. So pay attention to what you are doing on the web. Then again this is a great time to do a makeover with regard to a website.

VIRGO: You might have to be tougher when it comes to money and spending. There could be a sense of “here we go again.” There could be situations that have to be started over or re-done. This month features opportunity to serve or be of service, including paying attention to those who serve you. There is an emphasis on learning or academics. Actually academic material or It is also a time when you could have a strong influence on someone or someone could have a strong influence on you. There will be some matters that “hit” their mark this month. Take time and enjoy the sense of peace.

LIBRA: There are somethings that are ending now, some of which could be related to your work or career. It may be the end of being alone, or at least the end of feeling alone. Depending on others brings a sense of pessimism. Feelings of being stuck will come to your attention, as well as the fact that you seem overall more determined. You or others will gain information you did not previously have and that truth may not be so easy to deal with. It will also come to your attention that helping others who could be dealing with some destructive behavior can cause you or others to be vulnerable to being humiliated by others.

SCORPIO: The fact that we are held responsible for our bodies will come to your attention this month. There is more awareness of the muscles of the body and how they keep us strong. As things get busier you could have a tendency to be more anti-social. This is actually a good way to take care of yourself. Intuition is also likely right now which is one reason why it may not feel so good to be around others. Score-keeping is something else that could come to your attention and the way people try to make things fair but at the same time cover their butt.

SAGITTARIUS: The laws of Karma seem to be wreaking havoc in your life and the lives of those around you. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will be more aware of that in the next month. There could be an association or connection made through or around a website. Just be aware that things related to a website may not be what you think. It can also manifest as situations where people can life because it is a website. It will be important to keep a check not only on your associations but also your home or buildings you or others might be associated with.

CAPRICORN: There could be some questions regarding work or goals this month. It may be someone is distant whether you or someone close to you. It will come to your attention that some people withdraw from the world because of their fears. This also comes along the idea that some issues or responsibilities are seasonal. With things changing there will be times when a persons perception can be off particular when they are alone or have to do things alone. But this is a great time to initiate new beginnings. Things can feel very sad, particularly when someone is not familiar with the circumstances.

AQUARIUS: Health matters or health issues can be an Achilles Heel this month. Take some time away in order to take care of the physical body. Some health matters can also take you by surprise. Timing seems to be off and it can all feel very oppressive at times. Be wary of over-reactions with so much pressure over-reactions can be a real weakness as it throws a monkey wrench in things make it all worse. It is a chaotic time and early mornings are featured. Be wary of body image and how the body can at times let us down. A good month to take time in the evenings for sitting and watching movies or TV.

PISCES: This month features issues that are not easily resolved particularly as it relates to work or goals. Financial goals could also be affected. It is time to open up to the fact that there are some thing that you really believe will make you happy and the realization it won’t. In some cases you or others could be humbled by faulty thinking. The fact that things seem to get so complicated that you or others are vulnerable to self-destructive behaviors. It will also come to your attention this month that some times a smile is more then just a smile, not a great time to trust those that smile.

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