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Aries Point for the New Moon of  May 15, 2018 Featured Asteroids: Hestia, PAN & Atropos

May 8, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

While there are many asteroids that fall at the Aries Point this month, I have chosen three to discuss.  . The Aries Point is, once again, the world…our larger world. It is the world we read about and hear about in the news. Much of what we see in the Aries Point can also be played out in the press. There are several articles written about the Aries Point and what it means on the website: 


Hestia: She is much like Vesta of the big four asteroids. She is about work, goals and staying the course. She also is related to things that happen at a distance or the fact that someone can be distant. Consider how people can become so focused on work or goals they cannot be distracted and thus appear “distant to others.” Work connections and contacts that are at a distance are also possible to apply.


PAN: Generally, the association for PAN is with the devil. Yet in astrology, we also associate him with Saturn. Even though it often brings malefic energy, it is also a necessary evil in life. Just like Saturn, these necessary evils are part of what helps us to learn, grow and evolve as people.


Atropos: Endings! In this chart Atropos is also running with another asteroid (D’arrest) which is also associated with endings. So double trouble or at the very least a doubled intensity to get something to stop or be over.


One of the many joys of being an astrologer is to take these words and their meanings and play with them. There are many ways to interpret even just these three of the many asteroids that fall into that Aries Point this month. It could be seen as a work (Hestia) situation that is ending (Atropos) because it is over…..a necessary evil. The fact that it has to end at all.


For this New Moon, the Aries Point features the idea of working, being of service and of future goals. There is a focus on things that are at a distance. (Hestia) But this energy is running with (PAN) so there is going to be some necessary evil involved within particular endings (Atropos). Obviously in order for things to end there may have to be some necessary evil that has to be handled.


And still for something to end, someone may have to work at a distant location, (Hestia) and being away or distant can also be the necessary evil. (PAN) For most of us the very fact that we have to work (Hestia) can be a necessary evil. (PAN) Something you just want to end! (Atropos)


Here are but a few examples of the way you can look at what is going to be going on in this New Moon.


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