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Tools used in Astrology: Asteroids II

April 27, 2018

by Colleen Schmidt

In continuing to give credibility to the asteroids and how they can help enhance our jobs as Astrologers. The asteroids add the detail that you cannot get from planets and personal points alone. In todays post the next asteroids to take a look at are:

Aesculapia, Asclepius, Askalaphus & Hygiea: This grouping are some of the medical asteroids we work with. They can point to health issues or health matter in a chart. They also represent “well-being.” In the case of Hygiea the matter of cleanliness can be indicated. When working with a chart these asteroids tend to react similar. Here retrograde can indicate that something is not working properly or in essence someone doesn’t feel well. Here the house and sign of these can be indicators of where the health issues could appear. Health asteroids in the second for example could indicate that a person’s health is affected by money issues and matters.

Astraea: Since we discussed some of the health asteroids Astraea is not a health asteroid but it does talk about the eyes and what someone sees. It is where one can look to see about eye health. And again with any of the above asteroids there could be concern about the eyes and or the person’s ability to see. It also points to what a person has a long time letting go of. Astraea can represent where a person has trouble moving on. The sign and house can help determine what area of a person’s life they have difficulty letting go. When we look at the energy of “not able to let go,” it makes sense that Astraea is also about the eyes. Because once we see something it makes it tougher to forget.

Atlantis: Just like Neptune and Poseidon Atlantis can be about water. But Atlantis is more, it is about private information and invasion of privacy. It is about using resources and knowledge in the “right” way. It is also about the sense of “gloom and doom” we run into from time to time. That sense of pessimism or fear whether it is real or not comes under the jurisdiction of Atlantis. The idea that doomsday is at hand can come from a strong Atlantis. Again the area of life most affected and the conditions are based in the sign and house Atlantis falls in. Atlantis can also represent information that you might know but not others, or at least you don’t think they know.

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