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The Aries Point for the NEW MOON of April 15, 2018

April 15, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

In order to learn about the Asteroids and how affective they can be at adding detail to the charts. Since the Aries Point is something that we all have and can relate to on some level it is a great place to begin to learn and understand how the asteroids work.

Briefly, for those who are unfamiliar with the Aries Point it is 0 degrees of any cardinal sign (Cancer/Capricorn, Aries/Libra). The Aries Point represents the “Outer World” or the world at large. It represents things like public opinion and what you might read or see in the News. For some people who might work in or with the public will feel this energy more then those who have more isolated or secluded life styles.

In addition to the 0 degree cardinal points there are three other spots that will also bring up the energy at the Aries Point. How we come by these points is shown at length in the video clip on the website: Those points are 22.30 degrees of Cardinal (Aries/Libra,Cancer/Capricorn) 15 degrees of fixed (Leo/Aquarius, Taurus/Scorpio) and 7.30 degrees of mutable (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces). So all signs have some degree points that “hit” the Aries Point.

The asteroids to look at this month are Cupido (the Transneptunian). This energy relates to Buildings/dwellings/families and associations. Up there sitting with Chiron an asteroid that refers to the concept of “alternative.” How some people or things do not follow the traditional rules or roles. Together you could have a situation where people are talking about how they are NOT like their families. It can also be times when someone needs some kind of exemption in a special group or organization. But this can also indicate a turning point (Chiron) in a family or group and often causing a change of status. With Kron (Authority Figures) also sitting in the Aries Point, makes you wonder if some of those turning points are involving people who are in charge. With Cupido-A (the asteroid) people can also be worried about how things look or appear. In a family it could be that someone looks different from the rest!

When it comes to finances there could be some risks, some will not work out well. (Mony-R) It will be important for all people to listen to forecasts related to finances. (Delphi-Dolero). No doubt there will be more news of immigrants with (Odysseus) also sitting in the Aries Point. No surprise to read in the news that there are law suit about breaking up vulnerable families by deporting parents. (Cupid-Chiron-Odyeuss). Also possible the financial implications have yet to be felt with (Mony-R, Dolero/Delphi=Risk)

There is so much in the Aries Point Axis this month, but this is a great place to start.

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