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April 15, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: This can be a good month for you as the new moon in your sign gives you more confidence. This is a good time to make contacts and initiate projects that will help you to achieve your goals. This is a time when business deals can be made through communications. Communications overall are very important right now. It will be a good idea to speak up about things you are excited about, even though you won’t always be sure you should. But it may be the one way to solve problems and deal with disruptions, both of which are highlighted now.

TAURUS: You might be more aware of how money can bring together unlikely alliances. It brings about an awareness also of how people can come together even when they seems so unsuitable to one another. Dealing with situations like this can feel very “testy.” There could also be much that is still unknown regarding money or financial matters. It is best if you can “listen to your gut” when it comes to financial matters. Staying conscious and awake is one way to avoid being “humiliated.”

GEMINI: Strategies employed to gain approval of others will not always go as you planned and it might show on their faces. That also goes for trying to make things including yourself “appear better.” Issues relates to siblings or siblings of others could come to your attention. It is also important to note here that difficult matters can be dealt with better in pieces. Substance abuse issues or other “out of control” behavior will catch your attention right now. So much is going on now and it all feels like necessary evil.

CANCER: Authority figures seem to have gone “mad” right now. It could be you are more aware of mistakes made by those I in authority. It can also manifest as the fact that people can become a little crazy when they get some power. “Just Rewards” are also featured this month as well as decisions to determine if someone/something is selected/rejected. Be wary that you are not accepting things just because you think you have to. You or others do not have to settle for less.

LEO: It could be hard to stop your brain when it is time to sleep right now. This month could feature meeting with others over meals. There can also be an awareness of how charming parent and child can be to each other. In some cases charm is a tool used to manipulate each other. Many things could feel they are being done “backwards” causing people to feel scattered and torn. Getting an early start to the day is also featured. Giving yourself or your environment a makeover right now could be in order.

VIRGO: Because of money, there could be some situations where you are feeling a sense of “here we go again.” For some it may be an opportunity to look at their situation and see if there is a way to do it over or go back to the drawing board. Work issues could be keeping you up at night as well as any training or academic issues. Though learning could be tough right now there will also be a sense of wining and hitting the mark with regard to education or training matters.

LIBRA: Being alone or separated from others can bring an end to having to depend on someone else. It also reminds us that in the end, we all have to at some point or another go it alone. This month features getting to the truth or gleaning information you did not previously have. Avoidance of others is one way that you can avoid invasion of privacy issues. It also talks of how important it is to remain firm when it comes to “private” information. There is also a note here about helping someone whose partnerships has fallen apart.

SCORPIO: This month can bring a stronger awareness of “self-destructive” behavior patterns that can humiliate and bring people down. Situations where people even you try to be fair but are instead put in the position of being a “patsy.” Sometimes this will be the result of “too much” going on. Right now in order to make things better, everything seems to require hard work and physical strength. It also seems you might be very sensitive and even intuitive when it comes to a partner.

SAGITTARIUS: Physical boundaries will come to your attention this month Sag. There could also be some issues related to a lie, perhaps a lie about a house or building or even a family situation will also come to your attention. Pay attention to lies related to associates as well. When it comes to health matters the idea of ethnicity will play a role. As well as the fact that health issues can be a reason for prejudice. It is also important to remember one’s boundaries when it comes to their health.

CAPRICORN: You might work better when you are on your own. Actually, you might be more driven to be alone this month. There could be some questioning regarding goals or work production. Everything has a way of feeling burdensome right now. It can features times when you might say to yourself “God Why Me?” This a great time to begin a new health regimen and pay attention to your body. People being away from home for either for sad reasons or just being sad to be away will come to your attention.

AQUARIUS: Surprises can really catch you off guard this month. This will be particularly true with regards to health matters or some kind of reaction, such as an allergic reaction. It will also be important to make sure that health regimes are not counterproductive. Over-reactions can be a real issue this month whether yours or someone else. It can feel very serious when things get scattered. Early mornings are featured this month. There will be a need to stay logical in your thinking in order to avoid complications and intrigues.

PISCES: It will be important to remember that sometimes taking risks can also be seen as “self-destructive” behavior. As energy this can also make you more aware of those who take too many risks as though they had a death wish. Intuition could be telling you to limit how much money you are spending. Work or goals can be an issue right now. It could be you are aware of complaining or complaints. Work itself can be literally in the way of taking care of yourself. Be wary of being too nice to people, it makes it easier for some to take advantage.

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