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The Tools of Astrology: The Asteroids

April 5, 2018

Continuing to work on Astrology Education~

By Colleen Schmidt

As someone who has been an astrologer for more than 50 years, I know that each decade has brought me additional tools to utilize in my work as an astrologer. As with most astrologers I began with traditional western astrology. The wheel with twelve houses, twelve signs. But as we begin to delve into this science one is led down a path of continual learning. It was brought to my attention early on in my studies this is a lifelong study. (I was fortunate to be taught and lead by a grandmother when I was still a child and began to make money from astrology at the age of 18.) By the time I am 35 I met my teacher, Martha Lang-Wescott. Martha was teaching us to add in and work with asteroids. This practice is something we continue to work with today adding in thousands of asteroids into our work in order to really get the details. Through our work with asteroids my teacher began using them for “Medical Astrology” as well as working with investigators on cold cases. What we refer to as “Crime Astrology.”

So in honor of my teacher and in honor the asteroids and all they have to teach us, I felt it important to learn a few of these little rocks. There have been many articles written about “the big four asteroids.” Juno, Pallas, Ceres and Vesta are the big four and many astrologers are already familiar with these asteroid and how they get used in a chart. There are several posts on the website on each of these asteroids. But this time I figured it would be interesting to look at a few more. (At this point many astrologers are working with thousands of these little rocks.) More than 20 thousand asteroids are named. My personal experience is to learn them a few at a time. We will not be dwelling on the sign the asteroid falls under since the energy of the asteroids are so distinct it is not always necessary to break them down in that way.

It is always good to start in small portions and then add-on and add in. Our first three asteroids are:

Amor: Which is the conditions one places on “love.” It is about what one will accept or not accept when it comes to “unconditional love.” Are you willing and able to continue to love another even when attitudes or behavior crosses the line.

Apollo: Represents “the slow learner.” This tends to bring naive optimism, those time when you feel like you are banging your head against the wall going against the odds. In reading transiting charts, this can just be telling us the situation is going to be slow.

Arachne: Is a web, it can be added complications or intrigues. It is our ability to handle something detailed and intricate. Multi-level mental skills as well as spiders or things like sewing can be represented by Arachne. Arachne = the Internet!

Martha Lang-Wescott has her own website at

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