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What is a Midpoint?

March 30, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Last post we looked at the more common aspects used in Astrology. These are the conversations that create energy within each one of us. Aspects are one of the leading tools used by Western Astrologers. But there are many other ways a person can go about reading a chart. Another tool that is used often by traditional western astrologers as well as Uranian Astrologers is the “Midpoint.” This is an easily configured point. There are tons of Midpoints, each planet, asteroid and Transneptunian and even fixed stars will create midpoints with other points in the chart.

A wheel or a chart can be broken down to 360 degrees. Each planet, asteroid and TNP will fall in a specific sign and degree. Each sign and degree equates to a number within that 360 circle. For example today the Sun is 10 degrees 03 minutes of Aries so it equals 10.03 and the Moon is 1 degree 18 minutes of Libra at this time. That point equals. 181.18. To find the midpoint all you have to do is all the two numbers and divide by two. So 191.21 is divided by two and it comes to 95.51. That means 95.51, or 5 degrees 51 minutes of Cancer. So the midpoint of the Sun/Moon today is 5 degrees 51 minutes of Cancer. The Sun/Moon midpoint often represents that point between our desire (Sun) and our emotional security (Moon).

This energy has the ability to either ease tension or create it. This is where we as people find our psychological balance. This represents our “parental relationship” in the natal chart and how our parents dealt with their relationship. It is about the inner struggle to find personal integration and becoming who we are. This is about our resolution of the past (Moon) with who we become (Sun). This point also represents our emotional triggers and buttons that can pull us off center. This can be a very important part of the chart to look at in order order to discover the path which an individual finds herself/himself and his/her own integration.

Today the Sun/Moon midpoint is directly sitting on Hades. This can indicate that integration of self today will deal not only with the past, (Hades and Moon) but also the mistakes of the past and the details that go along with that. So the Sun/Moon today will find integration through the details and getting down in the dirt. Check out your own Sun/Moon Midpoint and see what it is telling you about yourself.

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