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Mars and Saturn conjunction:

March 23, 2018

By: Colleen Schmidt

One of the more dreaded combinations is Mars to Saturn. Both are considered more difficult energies. Mars is aggressive and is often impulsive like the sign that rules it. (Aries). There is not a great deal of foresight or even logic when it comes to Mars. Those who have strong Mars are often impulsive and will often be guilty of actions they could regret later. Presently Mars is in Capricorn and it actually does well here because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and there tends to be more “thoughtfulness” more deliberate and more practical.

Saturn is the planet of restrictions, discipline and organization. Often Saturn tends to bring on situations or events that feel like a burden. Saturn is referred to as the task master. It is part of what Saturn is asking us to learn, responsibility. Through Saturn transits comes maturity and stability. They don’t feel good as we go through them but they help to strengthen our character.

Mars and Saturn together can bring on a very heavy energy. Mars is a bit more tempered in the sign of Capricorn but with the conjunction to Saturn there is an added pressure to succeed. Actions could be limited, restricted and feel burdensome right now. This restriction could be the direct result of the “actions” of others. Mars in Capricorn likes to have complete autonomy. Saturn is saying no, you have to do what I say at least until you can prove you are worthy. This can be anything from the fact that in order to take action we also have to take responsibility, to the fact that our actions might be limited because of a structure or rules that limit or restrict. Simply put you just can’t do what you want, even if you want it that way because there are rules and protocols that have to be followed.

It has been mentioned that Mars is in Capricorn where the energy does well. But Saturn is also in Capricorn and it is the energy that rules Saturn. So it is the strongest in the sign of Capricorn. This is the placement of those who are ambitious and driven. With Capricorn here there is an increased drive to succeed or to get things done. Mars in Capricorn tends to take one’s attention to the material. Saturn reminds us that we have to work for it. In that premiss alone there can be heartbreaks. But it can also be a wonderful growth factor. This is a great time to apply personal discipline, to organize and set up structures, so that at a later time one can move on easily. We all have to be careful of “hard feelings” and “malice.”

Age and the idea of physical restrictions will also come to our attention during this time. This is also a time when people can seem more reserved even serious. The lesson here will be to learn to “lighten up.” The tendency is to be too serious. Everyone one has a tendency to be too hard on themselves and others right now. It will be important to pull back from time to time and not let frustration and anger rule the show. All of this will be more exacerbated with Mercury in retrograde when communications are either delayed or misunderstood. A great lesson in patience is upon us and we will all gain much more through keeping up good disciplines but also taking care not to be too hard on ourselves.

Be wary that those who are only looking after their own self-interests, their actions will often contradict their responsibilities and this can be the cause of separations.

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