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What is an aspect?

March 14, 2018

By:  Colleen Schmidt

As an astrologer for many decades, I have learned many techniques to working with astrology. One of the most widely used tool by traditional Western Astrologers is the Aspect. Aspects are conversations or the combining of two or more energies (signs and planets/TNP/Asteroid, etc.) These aspects can be easy or they can be difficult depending on what that said aspect is. For this post, I am only going to go over the easier more common aspects, there are many some of which have names I can neither say nor spell. But anytime the chart can be evenly divided (360 can be broken down to 15 degree increments) is but one example you will have an aspect.

But to start simply we will look at the “stronger” of those aspects. The conjunction: (within a few degrees of each other) represents direct contact with each other. These heavenly bodies will be only degrees away from each other most often in the same sign. Here the energy relates to one another sometimes making it difficult to tell one energy from the other. It is a focus of energy. More then four factors can represent what is referred to as a stellium. Here the native could be very focused and concentrated in that area. *Though there is an out of sign aspect as well when one gets to the end and the beginning of a sign.

Next is the opposition 180 degrees apart) this is the sign and degree that is opposite one another. There can be a tug of war with this aspect as one energy seems to be pulling one way and then the other. In the case of a Sun opposite Moon it speaks of someone wanting something but it is not good for them on an emotional level.

The square can also be a difficult energy (it represents the 90 degree points.) This energy is also called the “miracle” worker. There can be so much energy generated through the square that the native is pushed to achieve what may not be easy to achieve or accomplish. It causes people to keep working or keep on struggling.

Trine energy (120 degree increments) is an easy flow of energy. Not direct like the conjunction more of an easy flow. I had a teacher who said once of a trine, that one energy says something and the others swear by it. The problem is that this energy is so easy it can also be “lazy.” Why would a person want to change anything if they feel everything is working so smoothly. So it is easy not to get much done when a trine is involved.

The sextile is a very light energy, (60 degree increments) it can create opportunities if the native takes advantage of them. This is considered a creative energy and like the trine will not represent a strong energy or push in any direction. It can only benefit us if we take advantage of it, much like the trine!

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