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New Moon Predictions for March 17th 2018

March 8, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt


ARIES: This month, the way to solve some problems is to say as little as possible, so you do not excite or incite any reactions by others.  It will seem as if people are needing to be a bit more selfish to deal with things, including neighbors that get out of control. Love and money will be filled with disruptions and interruptions. Listen to your intuition when it comes to finances. Be wary of temptations, it will be important to remain conscious and be able to focus during this month.


TAURUS: It can take some deliberate strategy this month in order for you to remain compassionate.  Pleasing others takes real effort on your part and yet there is still no guarantee that things will go the way you desire.  “Odd couples” of all sorts will come to your attention as will the fact that people in the same family can look and act so differently. You might notice that people are likely to make things appear better or different then what is truly happening. It will become obvious that much information is not yet  known, particularly with regard to financial matters.


GEMINI: Life can feel so very serious right now.  It all feels destined in some way.  Piece by piece, little by little someone is feeling humiliated.  Dealing with humiliation seems to be a necessary evil.  Things seem to be out of control.  People who have substance abuse issues will feel this aspect even more so. Watch out for those who will attempt to use the fact things are out of control as an excuse. It won’t always be easy to figure out how to take care of others.  Be aware that in the case of children the difference between male and female could complicate things.


CANCER: There is a strong sense this cycle of doubting your own ability or even the abilities of those in charge.  Yet there is also a sense of peace in that understanding.  Someone trying to forget the mistakes of the past is taking a risk in the attempt to move on. Staying conscious of supportive health regimes and handling your health related matters can help a person to champion through stress. It is also a good time to use your intuition and listen to your dreams. The pressures of what is going on right now can trigger many memories for you.


LEO: Being charming can be a great way to take care of others—it is truly “Service with a smile!”  Trying to make things over can unintentionally cause us a great deal of chaos in the form of either physical or emotional pain, and sometimes both!  It might be necessary to be stern at times. Meal times are emphasized and so it is a great time to make some new contacts and meet existing friends and acquaintances. Often this month, it will feel as though things are going backwards, that things just don’t seem quite right.  It is OK.  This too shall pass.


VIRGO: This month features financial opportunities or opportunities to make money.  However, things will not always be as they seem or they will come about in a strange way.   The chance to be of service to others could be one way to earn more money.   It may feel like you are having to do some projects over again, that somehow someone needs to start over or give it another go. Sleep can be an issue, so keep alert as you may have learn how to relax.


LIBRA: The idea of taking some time on your own or going off on your own is highlighted this month. Sometimes the only way to win at something is to do on your own.  “If you want it done right….”   The idea of stopping dependencies will be prominent, as depending on others can bring up privacy issues. Endings are important.  As you or others are in the process of finding out the truth, there will be more information and not all of it will be good. Photos will also play a role this month, so check out those old photos you have been saving!  


SCORPIO: Be aware of helping others who have destructive habits this month.  Keep in mind how helping others can be destructive to the person doing the helping. You could also be aware of business relationships that seem to fall apart. Realize that even when someone thinks they are being fair to others it can STILL lead to self-destruction if they are not careful. It is important to realize that when you over-extend yourself you can wind up in a place where you might feel helpless and captive to the situation.


SAGITTARIUS: Score-keeping (particularly in relationships) MIGHT help to keep things fair, but this tactic can also have a destructive element. Keeping boundaries will be important!   Much of what is going on can feel like “Karma” and that is not always good. It will also come to your attention to check on a lie or anything that could feel like a lie to you. There could be some questions about the health of a building or home. This is a great time to work around the house and focus on your goals.


CAPRICORN: When things feel like a burden and tasks get to be too much, try going off by yourself and withdraw for a moment. It will also be important to be more organized right now, so it would be great to start health or exercise regimes. Changes and transformations tend to strongly affect the body and some of these changes can take you by surprise. Health issues can tend to be an Achilles heel. Power struggles and power plays can also show up this month adding strain on the body.


AQUARIUS: It will be important to try and remain logical this month as over-reactions can negatively affect a person’s health. Things will tend to get complicated and it will be important to use reason. Health issues can be very oppressive this month, whether they are yours or they belong to someone else. Early mornings and evenings are highlighted. This is a great time to plan, organize and come up with strategies for business or career goals. Note that as business gets better there will be memories of the past.


PISCES: It will be a good idea to set up structures now while things are slow.  Ultimately,  there is a great deal going on this month. The Moon and Sun are conjunct in your sign, often this combination will be giving you more confidence. But it can also highlight your relationships and partnerships–so the idea of what brings people together will come to your attention. It will also be important to keep good boundaries with those closest to you.  Someone’s behavior could be out of control.  Right now, the situation can feel confusing and unclear but all becomes clear over time.



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