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Mars in the Aries Point for the New Moon of March 17th 2018!

March 8, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Once again we have a chance to see the Aries Point of the New Moon Chart. You may remember the Aries Point represents the world at large. Everyone has this placement in their charts and it always falls in the same place.  It is found in the zero degree of any Cardinal sign, which includes Capricorn/Cancer, Aries/Libra. Since this point represents the world stage, not all people will be directly affected.  But be aware that even if you don’t have direct aspects or connections to these points in astrology, it is likely you have someone close to you who does.  It is hard to not hear what is playing on the news cycle or what the latest crisis is for the media, so it is hard to escape. One way or another we are all aware of if  not significantly affected by the Aries Point.


In this New Moon chart,  Mars is right on the Aries Point.  Mars is an aggressive and assertive energy.  One of the things to watch out for this month is aggressive energy so anger and temper issues could also play a role. Remember all of this tends to take place in the public spaces of our lives.  One of the positive aspects is some real energy can be put into getting things done. People might be motivated over-all. There can be a determination to get things done. But the aggression and the assertiveness can also make for tension and tempers. Rudeness and bad behavior can also be symptoms of energy that is not well directed. The energy of Mars does not have direction, it is simply pure energy. All we have to do is notice how anger can be a great motivator. But if we don’t infuse some wisdom we can be motivated to take an action that we will regret later.


As we look to the larger world, whether it be in the supermarket or the news you hear, notice how that Mars energy manifests in both its positive and negative forms. Just be mindful this is not great for being out on the road due to road rage!   This could be something you could  witness in the next month. It will be important to use your intuition (Hekate) when listening to the news or media (Poseidon-the asteroid). Look for the logic (Urania) and it will be what guides you as you wade through all the Mars reactions you will come across through the Aries Point.

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